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Windows 8.1 release: Microsoft confirms 18 As October Release Date -

Microsoft has

18 October confirmed as the release date for Windows 8.1. The Windows 8 will update on this date for all Windows users around the world are ready for download via the Windows Store.

It’s official: As has already been initialed, Microsoft will bring out the 8.1 update to Windows until October. The software giant now has 18 October confirmed as the release date. The operating system update will be available worldwide from this time for all Windows users via the Windows Store to download. At the same time it should arrive in retail and be pre-installed on new computers or Windows tablets.

Windows 8.1 release: Microsoft confirms October 18 as the release date (Image: Microsoft)

As ZDNet blogger and Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley reported yesterday, also from TechNet and MSDN subscribers will have to wait until that date. In contrast, Windows 8 was then a short time after the release to manufacturing (RTM) in August.

His goal, to bring out Windows 8.1 within one year of Windows 8, Microsoft has with the release on 18 October anyway yet been reached. Between Windows 7 and Windows 8 were at least three more years, but it was also about a bigger version jump.

until market launch in mid-October Microsoft will also have plenty of time to iron out the bugs in the RTM version. With additional patches for the Preview of Windows 8.1 is also expected.

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Earlier in the week another pre-release version of the operating system updates had emerged with the build number 9471 in the network. It is expected to be the last before device manufacturers get the release to manufacturing. She brought especially learning tools that will facilitate the transition from the predecessor. They also provided new backgrounds, some optimized applications and Skype integration.

most important new features of Windows 8.1 are likely to be for many users, but the return on the Start button and a way for direct booting to the classic desktop. In addition, Microsoft has revised the Home screen to provide users with a better overview about installed applications. Added personalization options for the start and lock screen, improved search, a new snap feature and a deeper integration of SkyDrive cloud storage.

Microsoft has already issued an official view on some new features of Windows 8.1, as well as information about the update process and the hardware requirements of Windows 8.1.

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