Friday, August 9, 2013

Slimmer framework as with the mini-Model: display of the iPad 5 makes appetite - NEWS

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 The alleged iPad 5-Display adjusts to previous photo leaks. The alleged iPad 5-Display adjusts to previous photo leaks (Photo: MacFixIt).

Friday 09 August 2013

Apple possibly represents already soon before a new iPad. Photos to show the screen of your tablet, read together with other leaks point to a design that is very similar to that of the iPad mini. That would certainly not bad.

youngest According to rumors Apple could the iPad 5 imagine already beginning of September. Compared with the many leaks to the plastic Smartphone iPhone 5C, very little leaked to Apple’s new tablet great for a long time. But now immerse on always more photos.

links the backside , the FanaticFone has published, right the leaked of display (Photo: FanaticFone /

Most rumors assume that Apple is oriented on the iPad mini 5 slim design of the iPad. The seem also Pictures at an aluminum-backside to occupy, the at some days ago “

Are the photos real, has the new iPad as the mini has a narrower frame around the display, which is still large 9.7 inches. The iPhone 5 also appears to be slightly thinner than its predecessor, and like the iPhone 5, the next tablet at the bottom left and right of the Lightning port holes for two speakers. Addition, the new iPad has apparently for the volume control on the right side two separate keys. Suitable to of the aluminum-shell published the French website “ More about

  • Sharp images from all sides: the plastic of the iPhone 5C Dress in Detail 07:08:13 Sharp images from all The Plastic Dress iPhone 5C in detail
  • Samsung will provide Retina displays: Sharp iPad Mini still 2013 ' width = 1:08:13 a.m. Samsung is intended retina displays deliver Scharfes iPad mini nevertheless still 2013?

And now has “

Other rumors to the iPad 5 go from of it, that Apple installs a stronger processor and improves the camera in comparison to its current tablet. When the display is expecting a new LED technology with more efficient backlight. So that Apple could use a smaller battery and make the iPad thinner and lighter – just as one might guess, the leaked photos .


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