Friday, August 30, 2013

Photos show back and front: The iPad 5 is a smart thing - NEWS

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 Here you can see very well how the new iPad will probably look like. Here you can see very well how the new iPad will probably look (Photo: Sonny Dickson).

Friday 30 August 2013

If they could be featured soon? New photos show the back and front bezel of the upcoming iPad 5 and the housing of the new iPad mini.

Sonny Dickson, who has specialized in Fotoleaks of upcoming Apple products, presented by numerous pictures of new iPhone models including photos, allegedly showing the backs and front panels of the new iPad. Environment and resources suggest that the recordings from the same Chinese source.

The edges of the new iPad appear to be less flattened than the current model. The edges of the New iPad seem to be less flattened than the current model (Photo: Sonny Dickson).

The backs of the large and the small images on the iPads are actually indistinguishable. Based on comparison with the size of a stand on which the devices are mounted, one can see, however, that aluminum housing belongs to which model.

This confirms previous rumors and leaks, the iPhone 5 which largely takes over the design of the iPad mini. It should be much thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Among other things, this could be possible through a more efficient LED backlighting that allows Apple to incorporate smaller batteries in the devices.

Previous leaks confirmed

The photos of the front panel also show that the frame around the touch panel is significantly narrower than the iPad 4 Also evident on the Sonny Dickson photos of the two separate volume buttons and the holes for stereo speakers, who were already seen on other iPad 5-leaks. To the inner life is so far not much is known, the iPhone 5 will have an improved processor and an 8-megapixel camera.

This should be 2 back sides of the iPad mini. This should be back sides of the iPad mini 2 (Photo: Sonny Dickson).

The iPad 2 Mini says little from the back because the new device externally hardly likely to differ from the current tablet. Here’s the big question is whether it will have a retina display or not. For a long time it was said that Apple will introduce this year, only an improved device without high-resolution screen, a retina display follow until 2014. But after Google submitted with the super sharp new Nexus 7, there are rumors, Apple pull the retina iPad mini before.

On 10

September, when Apple presented the iPhone 5S expected and the iPhone 5C, the new iPad will almost certainly not be of the party. More likely is a separate October or November date.


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