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First step for secure communication in the network is to encrypt the mail Content: The recipient of a mail must allow that exist only on his own computer and on the sender of the contents of a mail in plain text

To protect your email from Spähangriffen Anyone who wants to protect his

mails from espionage, must change his communication habits and invest time. Are sensitive not only the content but also the metadata of the mails.

who want to protect mails from espionage, must change his communication habits and invest time. Are sensitive not only the content but also the metadata of the mails. From


Since the revelations Edward Snowden’s looking for E-mail users increasingly looking for ways to hide their communication with the security authorities. Go to mail providers that offer encryption or encrypt their mails itself

The increased demand can be seen from the statistics of the open SKS key server, where users can post their digital key for protected communication: Active 1200 new keys are deposited daily, last year there were just over 400

that the encryption of the private e-mail communication nevertheless remains relatively uncommon, mainly owing to the high cost: If you want to feel safe from spying by NSA and Co, must change his communication habits and invest a lot of time.

more, the friends and business contacts to get involved in the encryption. But total security is difficult to reach.

Secure mails through webmail portal

First step for secure communication in the network is to encrypt the message content: The recipient of a mail must enable only on his own computer as well as on the content of the sender of a mail in plain text exist.

Once messages are sent unencrypted or stored on the servers of mail providers, many theoretically can read along: Security agencies such as the NSA or the BND thanks to a search warrant or simply the seatmate in Internet cafe because he has read along your account password as you type.

Secure mail can not therefore be drawn with a webmail portal in a browser window, but only with a mail client on your own computer, sent and read. In addition to commercial programs like Microsoft Outlook or Apple’s Mail, there are also free solutions such as the mail client Mozilla Thunderbird Foundation.

Individual encryption code

After installation the mail client must be upgraded to the encryption tool: A secure encryption of mail content freely available open system offers the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

The asymmetric encryption works like a personal letter unbreakable seal: PGP users create a custom encryption key consists of a public and a private part

The public part of the seal, the user must notify their mail counterparts prior to the exchange of secret content. With it, the sender encrypts the message. Can open the seal only the receiver who owns the matching letter opener in the form of the second, private codes.

This private digital text string must keep the receiver necessarily secret, it is the key to their entire PGP-secured email. Therefore, they will also turn stored encrypted on disk and can be accessed only by a secret password.

This should create the user so that it can not be easily guessed. This should create the user so that it can not be easily guessed. Classics such as “password” or “123456″ ban, of course, greater security against simply provide noticeable phrases like “WarumstehtdasgrünePferdmit4HufenaufdemFlur?” (Long string, using capital and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters and umlauts.)

spies are interested in metadata

A to Thunderbird and Outlook suitable encryption add-on program, the program package GPG4Win. Suitable for Thunderbird Enigmail is, it must be installed after Thunderbird and the GPG4Win programs. For users of Apple’s OS-house-XE-mail client mail program GPGMail2 offers the same services. Their public encryption codes must both users a secure connection first mail exchange among themselves by unencrypted email.

Alternatively, the codes will be stored anonymously in public address books, such as the SKS servers. This, however, there is the possibility that the stored addresses of spammers abuse. Unlike unencrypted mail helps in this case no spam filter of the email provider.

But all this effort only helps to hide the contents of the communication. The spies of the NSA, as stated by, however, more interested in analyzing the metadata of the email communication. Anyone who has exchanged emails with whom, when, often reveals more than the email content

Anonymous Email Accounts

This metadata want the German provider T-Online, GMX and hide from the U.S. spies by secure communication between their mail servers from eavesdroppers.

Who uses U.S. deals like Microsoft or Google’s Gmail, however must assume that the metadata of your own e-mail communication are analyzed.

When setting up the email account in the email client, the user must also ensure that the connection is encrypted between his computer and the mail server – otherwise could about the internet service provider of the eavesdrop the operator of a public WLANs eavesdrop.

text in Outlook as in Thunderbird needs to be selected in the advanced mail settings for the connection type SSL. Who does not trust the big German mail providers, must still operate significantly more effort: providers like Posteo allow to set up anonymous email accounts. They should only be activated after the own Internet connection was secured by anonymizing services such as TOR and defaced.

ILLUSTRATION - A man surfs on 10.12.2012 in Berlin on the Internet, a router in the foreground.


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