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Vodafone router Federal Office warns of vulnerability - Sü

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5 August 2013 19:08

attacker can spy on passwords and to share the tub: The authorities are warning of a vulnerability in two router models from Vodafone. The company obviously knew about the problem for months.

owner Vodafone certain routers are affected by a vulnerability that leads to the WLAN access is no longer safe. It’s about the Easybox Models 802 and 803 Both were built before August 2011. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) recommends Internet users to protect these devices against external attacks.

attacker could spy the factory default WPS pin and password for an encrypted WLAN and thus enter the internal network for these routers. Would be possible then, that the attacker can spy information such as logins and Internet connection mitnutzt – for example, to illegally download music or movies.

The Office therefore recommends that you disable the so-called WPS in the router menu and change the associated PIN. For safety reasons, the person concerned should also set a new wifi password. In the manuals for the routers 802 and 803 (PDF) Vodafone describes how to make these settings.

Apparently Vodafone already know for a long time by the vulnerability – but has not informed its customers. Spiegel Online reports, Vodafone have released in the past eight months, a security update for the software own devices. The company has not responded to a request. An employee of the security advice SEC Consult had discovered the vulnerability and reported in December, 2012.

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