Sunday, August 11, 2013

All the rumors about the new Apple smartphone: The new iPhone is on 10 ... - ABC Online

Apple fans need not wait much longer are: the presentation of the new iPhone apparently is imminent. One indication of this: there appear more and more photos and videos that will show the apple mobile phone


11 August: Apple wants, according to a media report, the next-generation iPhone on 10 September present. The “Wall Street Journal” blog “All Things D” called the event on the weekend, citing its sources

9 August:

It would be difficult to surprise the Apple fans even when the iPhone is presented – probably end of August. For already many details have been leaked in advance. Are now re-emerged photos. They show the favorable variant iPhone 5C with white plastic bag and come from various sources – from the Chinese microblogging service Weibo and the U.S. bloggers Sonny Dickson. This has even published a whole series of photos that seem to show but only the housing. You can see camera and iPhone logo lettering. Photographs of the front or with display are not included.

6 August: When a new iPhone comes on the market, Apple sold its predecessor, and sometimes a pre-predecessor continues, but cheaper. So it was always at least so far, when a new generation iPhone came on the market. This time could be different. For the first time in the history of the iPhone, Apple will apparently bring out two models simultaneously: an affordable entry version and the normal iPhone 5S. So that customers could choose between multiple devices anyway – and the old versions would be superfluous. Speculated at least the Korean news site ET. Then the iPhone 5 would disappear from the market in the fall. 1 August: After all the previous rumors start dates for the new iPhone have elapsed, is now speculation about a sale again starting in September. On 6 September, there will be far, reported the online portal “” iPhone-Ticker “and refers to a” serious source “. Subtrac ting Apple’s usual temporal sequences between presentation and launch into consideration, the job interview is likely to be present in about four weeks – ie by 28 August.

Also, the “very credible” source should have revealed that in addition to the iPhone 5S actually an iPhone mini comes in a plastic case. The Japanese side “” Weekly ASCII “displays photos in which the casing of the iPhone mini is seen compared to the current iPhone 5th

30 JULY: White plastic trays in a box, on each of the letters emblazoned iPhone 5C : This image has speculation about a cheap iPhone fueled again. The photo is from the Chinese website WeiPhone and is supposed to show the packaging for the cheaper version of the next apple phone. Since then, the fans speculated, for which probably the letter C stands – Color (color) This could be because the phone is supposedly cheap colorful?. Or is it for “Compact”? Maybe the plastic parts are also a fake. Because even if the cheaper iPhone will be made of plastic – this package has pretty cheap for Apple ratios

Meanwhile haunt even the first spoofs of the alleged iPhone 5C through the network The U.S. satire page “The.. Onion “explained in a video that the C stands for college girls. Accordingly, the mobile phone is also made specifically for them – and will be delivered with a broken display. The reason is that college girls would leave their phone anyway fall. Although you could read then nothing more, but that was eventually matter.

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