Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dispute to higher aggressiveness of the bird flu -

7 August 2013, 19:17

London / Vienna – Some months it was the bird flu comparatively silent, but since a few weeks, there are reports that suggest new hazards: And now, “British Medical Journal” from the first possible case of transmission of a strain of bird flu one person to another report: A 32-year-old Chinese might be infected, as they nursed her sick father. Both patients have died as a result.

tests showed that the strains of the two deceased are genetically almost identical. Thus is more likely that the daughter was not directly infected by her father and by another cause. All H7N9 testing at all contact persons of the two patients went negative. Therefore stands to reason that the ability of the virus to spread is limited -., Or that the daughter has been infected but otherwise

researchers Controversial plans

According to the World Health Organization, 43 people have died at the exciter from March to July. Although the outbreak is currently banned, but in winter the virus could re-emerge. Therefore, the virologist Ron Fouchier and Yoshihiro Kawaoka suggest in the journal “Nature” printed letter, artificially altering the virus through so-called “gain of function” experiments in the laboratory and to make it as aggressive. This should help you to be better prepared in an emergency. Other researchers such as chief epidemiologist of China’s Centre for Disease Control, Zeng Guang, such research holds for negligence.

There is agreement only about the risk of H7N9 far from over. (Tash; APA, THE STANDARD, 08/08/2013)


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