Friday, August 9, 2013

Skyrmions as a way out of dead-end technology: Tiny magnetic vortex ... - NEWS

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A solution to the problem of data might A solution to the problem of data could be “skyrmions” (Photo: AP).

Friday 09 August 2013

incessantly growing mountains of data, storage media are getting smaller. But slowly things get tight. A way out could be so-called skyrmions: they consist of a few atoms and form tiny magnetic vortex nano or node


Hamburg scientists have made a decisive step on the lookout for future data storage. For the first time, physicists have managed to tiny magnetic vortex or node, called skyrmions to use as a data carrier. In one experiment, the experimental physicist could describe these nano node with information and then delete them again. The work describe the researchers of the University of Hamburg in the journal “Science”. The technique could find a way out of a technological dead end.

skyrmions consist of only a few atoms and form tiny magnetic vortex nano or nodes. About 80 years ago for the first time discovered phenomenon of intense research for many years. According to the researchers, four skyrmions were in Hamburg for the first time specifically produced on a sample cut and dissolved. Thus, the physicists that all underlying data units to generate 0 to 1. “The idea of ??the proverbial knot in the handkerchief to remember something, we have transferred to the storage technology,” said Niklas Romming, a doctoral student at the University of Hamburg.

For their experiment, the researchers used a two atomic layers thick film of palladium and iron on an iridium crystal. Using a scanning tunneling microscope, they were able to observe only a few nanometers in size skyrmions. With a small electric current from a micro-syringe, the eddy were then manipulated.


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