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"Rayman Legends" stands on a platform out -

Jump & Run

31.08.2013 | 05:45 clock

The brashly colorful and rapidly staged Jump & Run “Rayman Legends” appears – contrary to first Announcements – at the same time for all consoles, but can you wanting only one. Which is, the test shows.

No more Wii U-exclusive, but still awesome: The new Jump & Run and brings fans not only the most beautiful, but also the most fun adventure for years. Even threatening the dismissal of Mario as a genre-King

beginning of the year it was announced that the originally exclusive Wii U title is “Rayman Legends” appear for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and was therefore postponed to August, the shouting was great – and not without reason : Business considers the decision of publisher Ubisoft is understandable due to the wider base console. But that totally brushed on the touch screen of Wii U game pad game concept defines a conversion for systems with conventional joypad solution anything but close.

best on Nintendo hardware

Although the “Rayman Legends” looks resettled in an oblique fantasy dream world at first glance like a traditional platform game, is the inventor Michel Ancel and his French team of developers have come up with so many extra levels and special modes that benefit from the special abilities of the Wii U controller that the original game concept can really enjoy exclusively on the Nintendo hardware.

While the “Rayman” “float over chasms of time”-typical combination of hopping, fist vertebrae and feels pretty much the same as the previous “ Sales:
Ubisoft Genre: Jump & Run
Price: 50 €
Difficulty: beginners and advanced
Age: 6 years


Graphics: very good
control: very good
Sound: very good
Game Pass: very good
Total: good

But regardless, with or without music, with a touchpad or a joystick, whether with Rayman or one of its oblique comic pals: Because of its wonderful homogeneous combination of brilliant 2D cartoon graphics and 3D elements is “Rayman Legends” a real eye catcher. The virtuoso to the crazy game and level design doyen of Ancel turn it owes the title finally, that he can even catch up with Nintendo’s ingenious “Mario” platform games. Tons of unlockable extras, a knuffiger multiplayer mode and the pleasant open structure that a change between each game and narrative worlds allowed at any time, carry their own difficulties in making “Rayman Legends” the best platformer in years. The only downer: The brilliant musical soundtrack and the rest of the soundscape indeed come pretty impressive from the boxes, but were mixed in stereo, multi-channel sound, there’s no. (_teleschau – The media service)

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