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Rayman Legends in review: a legendary good Hüpfspiel - PC Games

Rayman Legends tested: According to the version for Wii U, there is a terrific jump and run now for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Ubisoft has fortunately there verschlimmbessert nothing but a great game implemented properly for the other platforms.

class=”foto_container_center”> Rayman Legends in review: Outrageous good jump and run (9). Rayman Legends in review: Outrageous good jump and run. (9) [Source: view picture gallery] At this point a big “Atschibätsch” with out stretched tongue to all the Wii-U owners: Because that was once announced as an exclusive game for the Nintendo console Rayman Legends are is now available for the PS3 – and it’s been great! Who has the previous Rayman Origins gambled that already knows what to expect: Seemingly simple Hüpfspielkost in the style of the classic Super Mario parts. But while the Italian plumber loses its radiance for years, Rayman Legends is a prime example of how modern and traditional elements cleverly intertwined with each other.

In terms of game design, the Gehüpfe provides no significant changes compared to its predecessor: Your sprints from left to right drawn by fantastic 2D worlds, beaten up finely animated monsters and collect all sorts of things. The aim of each level is to get as many Teensies (small, knobby blue animals) to liberate. Does not sound very varied in theory, turns out after a few hours of play as a pure software-gold. Because the developers are constantly coming out with new ideas around the corner once you flee from a giant dragon towards level output, sometimes it dives through a labyrinth of caves, sometimes it sneaks through an enemy base that could easily come from a James Bond movie

No question: If there were at universities the course “How to ingenious level design,” the Rayman-makers would pass him with honors. A very clever idea in this context is Rayman’s friend flying Murfie: The Frog Fly-waste interacts with the press of the environment and nibbles for example holes in the architecture level and makes you so the way. It is not uncommon to perfect timing to:. Especially in the last two of the six story-world professionals will be put to the Hüpfprobe itself

I wanna rock with you

class=”foto_right c8″> Rayman Legends in review: Outrageous good jump and run. (3) [Source: view picture gallery] Each completed game section is in addition to an additional, slightly different invasive variant thus: You must master the level again, have this time only 60 seconds to get to the exit – exciting, but partly also stick hard. But the absolute fun-Pops are the five musical levels! In these areas, mostly quite short runs as background music a famous song whose rhythm dictates when you should jump or hit and run.

More people, more chaos

Folksy natures are expected with the multiplayer options of Rayman Legends have their field day: Up to three gamers can always walk with a gamepad and the game world. However, this is a nice little bonus rather than a real added value – because the screen chaos ensures that some serious points are hardly together to master. But at least the simple football game in which you transgress against a ball like crazy to somehow maneuver these into the opposing goal, is good for a fun party night before the PS3.

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