Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ulm: 30 years of research at Diabetes Technology – SWR News

For 30 years, research is being conducted in Ulm on technologies to improve the lives of diabetes patients. The Institute for Diabetes Technology was founded in 1986 at the University of Ulm, today announced the University. Launched it was Ernst Friedrich Pfeiffer, the father of the “Ulmer Zuckeruhr”. The Ulmer Zuckeruhr gained international notoriety: It was developed in the 90s. The device could measure under the skin to glucose in adipose tissue. However, it never came to market. To date, the Institute for Diabetes Technology in Ulm medical products such as blood glucose meters and insulin pumps in order, but also on its own initiative checks. Over the years, but the further accompanied, for example, today’s systems for the measurement of the glucose level the device. And another vision of the founder, an artificial pancreas, the research has come a step closer.


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