Friday, June 3, 2016

Globalfoundries brings 2017 new technology to market – THE WORLD

Dresden – The Dresden chipmaker Globalfoundries wants a first version of its new technology 22 FDX in 2017 on bring to market. After that, the chips are to be further developed steadily, as the company announced on Friday. About the research program Ecsel the European Commission supports the development of 2.9 million euros. “This is very good news for the entire microelectronics location Dresden,” said Managing Director Rutger Wijburg. The development of technology currently run successfully in Dresden factory, it said. With 22 FDX, the company intends to transfer production of cost-effective, powerful and energy efficient chips for industry 4.0 and the Internet of things.

Globalfoundries announced in October 2015 up to 800 of a total of 3700 jobs degrade wanting to work a business can. Since April, the case concerned the Labour Court. Because companies and council could not agree on a reconciliation of interests and social plan, a conciliation committee was set up by the court.

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