Monday, June 27, 2016

Provider of technology for video reps meet in Zurich –

Technology providers, interested in the approved by the IFAB tests with video assistant referees (VAR) have met today at FIFA headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland).

After the first participants were announced earlier this month, nine companies were found today in Zurich to learn more about the test “in the background”, which are carried out for the first time in August.

The FIFA supports the IFAB technical expertise and research in the field of VAR experiments.

“Today’s meeting was an opportunity to inform the supplier about the status of the project and ways for a possible standardization of VAR equipment to discuss,” said John Wood Müller, Director of FIFA’s Department of football technology innovation.

“We informed the participants also that FIFA will set up at its headquarters here in Zurich a VAR training center. It is to be established in the coming months, and we invite various suppliers from around the world, their technology exhibit in the center. ”

For this important project both FIFA Soccer departments technology innovation and refereeing will work closely and develop technical guidelines for their match officials. In training center with their full participation ( “live”) are selected VAR and referee for testing “in the background” and trained, in particular those who are standing on Results in applications in which the tests are carried out, eg. As the FIFA Club world Cup Japan 2016. the IFAB and FIFA want to use the center to improve the selection process from a technological perspective and to learn more about the differences between the systems currently available on the market. In the meantime, the member associations and leagues, who are interested in carrying out tests, have the opportunity to see the technology in use.

Already last month held a kick-off workshop for interested competition organizers in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

 In further workshops in the coming months the technology provider and leagues and associations will be informed in more detail about the tests and the exact process. Following the tests, the IFAB will decide whether VAR to be used from 2018 or 2019 in football.


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