Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Patient-oriented business models through technology acquisitions – CIO

The current advances in the field of health technology put life sciences companies are increasingly under pressure. New ways to capture and share innovative Big Data and analytics solutions to evaluate this mass of data and as a result, trendsetting, tailored services Patient Data: With all-new applications suddenly completely new players in the healthcare market and ensure a intensification of competition.

in this context, life sciences companies need to redefine their role in the future health ecosystem around the patient. Now is the time to draw up broad Beyond Traditional pharmaceuticals using combinations of products and digital services in the market. Finally, the market potential for digital pharma business models by Accenture estimates lies in the US alone with more than 100 billion US dollars.

In addition to the own digital transformation targeted mergers and acquisitions in the field of health technology are increasingly indispensable. Because M & A may serve as a source of new therapeutic approaches and developments for its own portfolio. This know-how acquisition can be used in the digital age, especially effective in the field of digital innovations to create new patient-oriented business models. Thus the pharmaceutical giant Novartis has 2015 Qualcomm Ventures, the investment arm of the semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm involved. The cooperation focuses on forward-looking “beyond-the-pill” services and uses its digital solutions and wireless technology

mergers and acquisitions are in vogue

Another example:. Roche a billion amount in the US biotech company Foundation Medicine invested -. with the goal of developing personalized healthcare solutions in oncology in collaboration

the race for the redesign of the product portfolio and new technologies for future growth and innovation is so far already in full swing. Already in 2014 was the volume of mergers and acquisitions in the sector is already at 390 billion US dollars – a trend that has continued to 2015 and is expected to continue

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