Monday, June 27, 2016

Bioethanol to ethylene method – Process

Technip expands its petrochemical portfolio by acquiring BP Chemicals, the Hummingbird ethanol to ethylene process, a technology of the second generation, the one improved catalyst uses and can also implement bioethanol.

Paris – Sales developed by BP Chemicals Hummingbird ethanol to ethylene technology to Technip is now perfect. This was announced by both companies last week. The second generation method uses an improved proprietary catalyst and allows the dehydration of ethanol to ethane under milder conditions and with fewer process steps. Since fewer anatomical wholeness, also reduces the cost of treatment of Exthylens.

The process can be integrated into existing ethylene plants and the use of a broad-based ethanol suitable, so as the implementation possible of bioethanol. Thus, the synthesis of plastics from bio-ethanol to be simpler and less expensive.


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