Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Best Technology Pioneers do not come from Europe – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

If the organizers of the World Economic Forum (WEF) overlook the world and are looking for the most innovative young companies, they will find it mainly in the United States. On the list of appropriate “Technology Pioneers” there are few European start-ups – and not a single corresponding business comes from Germany

In this case, employ those who have managed for the vintage. to have been selected in 2016, with innovations that are also in the growing German start-up scene quite closely watched and edited: From 3D printing via the Internet of things to drones and more. These are used technologies in industries that also standing strong European focus, namely in the health care industry, agriculture, in the field of financial services and industry. It helped that from the perspective of experts who have compiled the list for the WEF, but nothing.

There are this year renowned tech startups , such as the Luxembourg-based Fin-tech providers block chain or Quid, a provider of visualization tools for market trends and Slack, the inventor of an app to enhance cooperation in teams. “The class of Technology Pioneers this year shows how companies can react to the interplay of different technologies,” Fulvia Montresor, head of the Technology Pioneers at the World Economic Forum, in the relevant press release is quoted: “It shows how quickly develop new technologies and begin how Innvoationen today to be solutions to global challenges. “

companies like Voxel8 from the United States, the seller of a 3D printer for electronics, Farmers edge, a Canadian provider of data for precision farming, and Cylance, a software company, which specializes in America on a proactive protection against cyber threats by artificial intelligence, also belong to this from the perspective of the WEF for the future exciting providers. Other names on this year’s list are called Magic Leap (virtual retinal displays for mixed reality applications); Kensho (real-time analysis for the financial industry by artificial intelligence) and Wright Speed ​​(hybrid electric drive systems for heavy trucks).

To become the Technology Pioneer is quite an honor, because the elect in the footsteps of companies like Google (in 2001 on the list represented), Wikimedia (2007), Kickstarter (2011), dropbox (2011) and transfer Wise (2015). Many of the winners will take part in the annual meeting of “New Champions” of the World Economic Forum in China this week, but also at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum next year in Davos.

The European perspective sobering is that twenty-one of 30 technology pioneers of this year come from the United States, thus resulting in a trend of recent years continues. Only six of the companies were founded in Europe. As reasons for this development, the WEF called the size of the US domestic market, the improved access to funding and an environment that favors the total reasons. are selected, the pioneers of hundreds applications from 68 scientists, venture capitalists and executives.

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