Thursday, June 23, 2016

Technology at the highest level – Highest Kreisblatt


Today’s medical care can not do without modern technologies. Computerized Information Technology (IT) and data processing is valid, based in Hochheim Technogroup as “essential key for process optimization”. The classical separation between IT and medical thing of the past, says company spokeswoman Esther Fuchs. She explained, that medical devices today increasingly dominated by software and integrated into communication networks. Techno Group since early 2012 set already on this development and have launched a new service area under the name “Health Care”. This area runs today under the name “MedTech” and will be further expanded.

For an independent IT service companies such Technogroup medical was “an interesting market with an attractive growth potential,” it said in a statement. The company refers to figures of the Federal Statistical Office in 2013, which was 315 billion euros was spent on health in Germany. For comparison. The local automotive industry continued – according Technogroup – during the same period 362 billion euros to

Faster findings

“Medical’s technology at the highest level, but also an excellent service and quality reliability, “said Claus Fischer, CEO and founder of Techno Group IT service GmbH. Faster finding results are a result of the fusion of IT and medical, emphasizes the boss, but referred to the increasing use of software and IT systems as a challenge. For the future development Peter Hofmann is responsible, who has championed the 2014 for the expansion of the medical technology area in Hochheimer Technogroup. Hofmann would like to expand the areas of repair and maintenance on. “To succeed in this sensitive market mean for Technogroup to deliver their full IT know-how,” said the expert. The examples he gives server configuration, storage devices, networks and experience in the service for medical equipment. “We expect that in the coming months a number of senior eHealth companies will enter into partnership relations with us,” says Hofmann. EHealth stands for Electronic Medical

200 employees

By the way. Based in Hochheimer company has developed step by step to a fixed size in the IT industry. Techno Group was founded in 1990 and is a manufacturer-independent IT service provider for hardware and software in data centers. The company employs around 200 employees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The customer base currently includes about 3,400 companies from various sectors such as industry, banking, insurance and public administration.


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