Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton promises support for block chain technology – BTC Echo

The US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has come on the block chain and promises a promotion of technology in the public sector.

Clinton gets probably already next week’s nomination for presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. Only on Monday, it published a large technology & amp; Innovation agenda in the speech of this is that the public and political work should incorporate the block chain in social life


“We have the American innovations positioned so that they lead the next generation of technological revolutions – of autonomous vehicles on intelligent machines to block chain applications. We have to defend our position in the global digital marketplace. “

The Clinton side promised in addition to promoting the block chain technology also, if it is selected, a reduction in the regulatory barriers for startups and young companies.

“Hillary Clinton is state and local law, the older companies protected them from young startups and new innovations to date, re-examine and challenge,” so the campaign.

Clinton the call is not the first US politician that positive and forward advocating the block chain technology.

In April 2015 will have announced Republican Rand Paul to accept Bitcoin for his election campaign. . Shortly after, the former Texas Governor Rick Perry


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