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Deutsche Telekom Board: Claudia Nemat accepts new resort “Technology and … – Heise Newsticker

Claudia Nemat at Mobile World Congress 2014

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Claudia Nemat is responsible for network engineering, IT and innovation in the Deutsche Telekom Board from July. For the new Power division had two colleagues proposed responsibility.

The German Telekom builds to its board. Claudia Nemat, who currently Head Europe and technology, takes over the newly created Board position Technology and Innovation. This was decided at its meeting on Thursday, the Supervisory Board of the company, such as Telekom announced the evening.

New power center

The new resort combines network technology, IT and development. This required Nemat Board colleague Niek Jan van Damme (Germany, previously also innovations) and Reinhard Clemens (business customers, previously also IT) each leave a responsibility. About the forthcoming reorganization of the Executive Board had two weeks ago already, the Wirtschaftswoche reports.

“With the new board structure, we create the conditions to make successful digitization,” said the chairman Deutsche Telekom, Ulrich Lehner. The next-generation networks are increasingly influenced by intelligent software, the company said. Through developments such as Software Defined Networks, virtualization and cloud services to classical network technology Skidding increasingly closer to the IT.

“Great job”

“I am delighted that Claudia Nemat drives the convergence of technology, IT and innovation for us next, by which we are faster and more efficient “said CEO Tim Höttges.” the development of the new portfolio she has already played a major role. It takes a great job. “

Also a successor for the European business, Telekom already found. The new board Europe had already been appointed, but at the request of his former employer, his name would be announced until next week, it is at the Telekom. He brings with international experience and know the industry and company.

Nemat was born in 1968 and studied physics at the University of Cologne, where she also taught. Since October 2011 she is a member of Telekom’s Board was in this until now responsible for the business and technology Europe. Prior to joining Telekom she was a senior partner at the consulting firm McKinsey. (VBR)


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