Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Farewell to the diesel technology – Frankfurter Neue Presse


Greenpeace and VW – which was long like fire and water. Activists of the environmental organization interfered 2012 Annual General Meeting of the car company so that security guards intervened. Today, four years and a diesel crisis later, observers rub puzzled eyes: VW CEO Matthias Müller says things that might come from his critics in Greenpeace

It is about the great questions of German. flagship industry: What is the future combustion engines? What future for cars at all? And above all: What does this mean for the jobs in this country

The most recent example: Müller talks about how he wants to “old to new” lead over the group of – “from the engine to the electric motor”. The process is likely to take several years, he added.

One day before the general meeting in Hannover the CEO position thus continue as an innovator of Volkswagen. Müller has already announced a fundamental restructuring of the Group. More electric cars, autonomous driving, more mobility services

Previously, Müller Porsche boss and therefore advocates of PS-Boliden. 212 grams of CO2 per kilometer spits out the Porsche’s flagship 911 Turbo S – less than half of it has to be according to EU target 2020 fleet average. And at the then current target of 95 grams of CO2 it would not end. “This is already foreseeable that the emission control in diesel is enormously expensive and complex,” says Müller. “Electromobility

At the same time cheaper. Against this backdrop, the question will be whether we will still accept at some point a lot of money for the development of the diesel in the hand.” VW, as well as the German car industry total is located in the epochal change. What does this mean for jobs? On especially popular in Germany Diesel hang tens of thousands of jobs. Industry skilled Stefan Bratzel calculates that in view of the components and complexity of diesel compared to e-mobility only about a fifth of jobs was necessary. When an engine plant as the VW in Salzgitter soon significantly less engine builds, making it then in 2025? Speaking at VW’s own battery factory, perhaps in Salzgitter. “The highlight of the diesel technology is already over,” said Bratzel. “In the future needs of the diesel in reality comply with the values” warns Bratzel. For the industry years loses for the transition. “Müller has recognized that. He increased the pace. “


Bratzels colleague Ferdinand Dudenhöffer recommends industry even an instant diesel divestment. “Each additional euro would be wasted,” said Dudenhoeffer. The German producers had held too long on diesel.

But the native continent make only 15 percent of the world market. In the two largest markets – China and USA – diesel are virtually absent. From policy Dudenhöffer expected a quick end to the “senseless and misguided” subsidy for the fuel: “Each day, motorists at the pump completely the wrong price signals.”

Unsaleable Diesel

question is how the transition in the industry arrives at the customer. Who buys today a diesel if tomorrow could romp the debate on the tax benefits? Gerd Lottsiepen Traffic Club VCD says: “Below the Passat class diesel will be very soon no longer for sale.” The reason may be the high cost of actually effective emission control systems, which simply did not expect small cars



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