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Truffls: Mobile Recruiting with matching technology – Computer Week


truffle is not an easy task. Something similar happens in the company Talent Search. Therefore, the Berlin-based startup Truffls has made recruiting mobile. About the Job App Truffls find companies and candidates to each other precisely: While companies bring their mobile Job on Smartphone, deposit applicants their personal profiles on the platform. Per swipe gesture candidates select favored jobs and automatically start the first job request.

Screenshot of the  Digital-Leader Award candidate Truffls site.
Screenshot of Digital Leader Award candidate Truffls site
Photo:. Truffls

Personal seekers company is a cloud-based dashboard available that allows the recruiters, simple and to get in direct contact with exciting candidates. Foundation for the development of the app are IBM’s cloud platform Bluemix and the cognitive system Watson. With the project “Truffls makes talent mobile” is the Truffls GmbH in contention for the Digital Leader Award 2016 in the category Invent Markets .

project fact sheet

  • finalist: Truffls

  • Category Invent Markets

  • project Title: Truffls makes talent mobile

  • “1″

    period of the project: 2013 ongoing until today

  • project phase: growth phase

  • size of the project team: 15 people

the digitization Story

the recruiting industry is one of the industries that only timidly recognize the potential of digitization and the resulting opportunities. If one looks at application processes, paper applications and Excel lists are still to be found – while self-propelled cars or Drone-Delivery are parallel tested. With Truffls now is after in the 90s Job were successively transferred from print media in online channels, the jump succeed in the mobile era. The app of Berlin Startups makes to use the swipe principle. Besides dating apps is now geswiped in news apps and travel apps. With a swipe to the left shows the user that he has no interest in the job.

With a finger swipe to the right of the User stressed his interest in the respective company. By shaking the smartphone can take back within 5 seconds of the last swipe with the so-called shake-to-undo function. In a match the user will be notified directly via the smartphone and can immediately enter into contact with the respective companies. Here, the startup addressed with the appearance of his app and the catchy user interface a tech-savvy user base and attempts at transformation of a very conservative process.


Technologically based Truffls on a proprietary parsing and Natural Language Processing technology, which was developed together with Prof. Biemann and TU Darmstadt. Moreover Truffls uses a machine learning Recommendation Engine that allows to propose successively better job offers for candidates. To continue growing, Truffls wants to develop his job application with Platform-as-a-service solution Bluemix continuously. This provides access to more than 140 cloud services for App-programming, making it the largest Cloud Foundry platform worldwide. The numerous IBM analysis tools are complemented by cloud services from third parties.

In particular, with services for IBM Watson Truffls will increasingly integrate cognitive systems. With Cognitive Computing Data can intelligently evaluate and acquire new relationships and insights from existing knowledge. Since the IBM computer system Watson understands human language, Truffls wants to use the technology for the approach of Natural Language Processing (NLP). With NLP interaction described between speech and human, are linked with the insights from linguistics using the latest methods of computer science. The theoretical approach is based in part on the work of Alan Turing and Noam Chomsky from the 1960s.

Continuously be used in the development of methods such as Scrum or tools like Jira or Slack, to control the agile development. Truffls allows to globally identify jobs on the web and those targeted to present the right candidates. while more than 200,000 jobs are daily processed and presents the appropriate candidates fully automatically by means of a self-learning recommendation engine.

The business benefits

The email app Truffls was downloaded over 100,000 times. Within 9 months, more than 52,000 direct contacts between candidates and recruiters were prepared. In addition, one has already achieved more than 15 million job interactions in less than 12 months. On the customer side renowned customers like the Adam Opel AG or 1und1 already could be won. Truffls has already reached two and a half years after the founding of the break-even point and enlarge his team.

Whether it is enough for the Truffls GmbH and their project “Truffls makes talent mobile” for winning the Digital Leader Award 2016 in the category Invent Markets ? The big awards gala on June 29, 2016 Berlin will tell.


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