Sunday, January 11, 2015

WINAICO delivered first photovoltaic modules with HeatCap technology to Japan – Solar Server

WINAICO begins with the delivery of photovoltaic modules with 48 solar cells and a power rating of 230 watts at Japanese key customers, reports the subsidiary Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (Hsinchu, Taiwan).

The high-performance modules from WST-230M6-H combine the proven monocrystalline PERC technology with the mikrorissverhindernden HeatCap technology with SiC (silicon carbide).

In order to produce the first module manufacturer 230W modules in series, using WINAICO in Taiwan only the most efficient PERC cells. With rear passivation and selective emitter PERC series Associations maximum efficiency, increase in the specific yield is improved by temperature and low light performance with the known longevity and quality for the WINAICO.

The PERC cells with WINAICOs patented HeatCap technology are coated with silicon carbide, to compensate for the structural sensitivity of the PERC cells and protection against micro-cracks to increase by 18.12%. The result was a 48-cell module with the best output power density and the highest reliability in the industry, the company says.

“Our key customers in Japan appreciate the combination of high efficiency and reliability, they get with the 230 W HeatCap solar modules WINAICO” said Loftur Thorarinsson, Representative Director of WINAICO Japan KK

“Thanks to the highest energy performance and mikrorissverhindernder SiC technology can rely on the long-term reliability of their solar investment our customers.”

01/12/2015 | Source: WINAICO Germany GmbH | © Heindl Server GmbH

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