Monday, January 5, 2015

Samsung: New SUHD technology for TV – COMPUTER BILD


Samsung’s new SUHD models based on quantum dot technology and ermglichen very krftige colors.

H inter Samsung SUHD puts the quantum dot technology: Quantum dots are tiny nanocrystals can produce red of blue light and Grünes. The SUHD screens are very energy efficient and produce krftige and pure colors, much like OLED screens. According to Samsung, the quantum dots provide 64 times as many colors as herkmmliche models. In terms of contrast but the screens can not keep up with OLED

Tizen is

Although manufacturers such as Philips are now using Android even for televisions, Samsung goes against the trend. All TVs that come on the market in 2015, have the free operating system Tizen on board. Tizen is based on Linux or Debian. At the operating system Intel has worked; Samsung is Tizen already in the SmartWatch Gear 2. According to Samsung, the software allows intuitive operation and more variety. The fresh surface finish shows on the home screen the applications used most commonly of the respective user, are tailor-made recommendations on request. via WiFi Direct, the TV will seamlessly synchronize with smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Price and Availability In

Overall, Samsung offers three SUHD series of JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500. Details listed these in nine sizes, from 48 inches to giant 88 inch. The fresh models come well as with Samsung alljhrlich bleached from Mar in the trade. A price is not yet known.

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