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Education: Electronic classbooks help teachers – Business Week

Dieter Dürand

A new computer program could revolutionize the teaching practice: Digital classbooks to relieve teachers and create more time for teaching.

Not that Marion Kroeger and her daughter Michelle always agree. It would be even nicer. But in the working mother and the Zehntklässlerin agree that the everyday teaching has become much easier and clearer, since it Manfred Wolff, director of the Kardinal-von-Galen-Realschule in Telgte near Münster, controlled by an electronic grade book.

info sheet on trips, parent-teacher meetings and decisions of the College, unreliable e-mail chains if fail hours, telephone sick – with all that’s over. Instead, teachers, students and parents exchange over the Internet via a communication platform of the Essenes software company Comjell: simple, quickly and safely.

Much has changed in Telgte. Headmaster Wolff now no longer bursts into the classroom to distribute letters to the guardians of his pupils and to call for the money for the theater. He writes messages now after work on a home computer. “Comfortable with a glass of red wine,” he says with a grin. Even the complicated schedules it can set up the system

The best however. The teachers have more time for teaching. Enter into the electronic grade book notes, homework, blame, absences and delays of the students. Likewise, the dates of the class work and school trips. And they create the certificates so that

An evaluation in schools with the digital school management system revealed. Every teacher has, on average, per school year, three more weeks of classes because the administration of school life has become much easier. This is also the experience of Rector Wolff in Telgte. “This brings a huge leap in quality for little money.”

The trick art is that users get all the features of the school management system simply via standard Internet browser and can control. You need to download them to their PCs, tablets and smartphones any special software. With a comparatively simple access to such – Cloud Computing – called line features of US data giant has won Google million customers worldwide for his services – from electronic mail Gmail to the Office applications Google Apps

For Comjell. -Managing and founder Joachim Köhler, an experienced IT managers and chemists have been clear: Using Internet technologies such school operation would have to be far more efficient to manage than before. As a parent representative at an elementary school in Kempen on the Lower Rhine three-time single father has seen, can be as ineffective schools.

So founded Köhler, who has built among others, a daughter of the travel group TUI a computer platform for better workflow, in June 2011 Comjell – with its tax advisor Beryl Krusche who raises four children. The documented time savings and increased efficiency in schools have long since confirmed his theses.

Marion Kroger is the online functions simply “awesome”. As you can see, all parents with a single click in their personal digital Comjell mailbox in the network, whether the services their children agree or they have problems. You can find information on what the school plans to read as homework. Since then, she was immune to surprises at parents evening, Kroger praised the new transparency. The service costs parents just one euro per month per child. That’s the general plan.

The students were initially not amused stop practically nothing against fathers and mothers secret and in an emergency times a papery invitation to the parent meeting in the knapsack supposedly can forget. Meanwhile, they console themselves with the benefits: Who is sick, you can download homework and teaching materials. You are no longer in front of closed door class because her teacher is prevented at the last minute. And because their grades – the oral – can anytime access their personal, password-protected info page in the online portal, they realize, according to Rector Wolff earlier than before, when it’s time to learn intensively again.

“Most of us feel in control now as an incentive,” says Marion Kroger’s daughter Michelle. Especially since the College unaware of any minor misconduct on the internet led class book jot says Wolff. “We do not want to terrorize the students.”

Actually, one would think that the digital communication good 20 years after the commercialization of the global data network has long been standard in Germany is about 35,000 public schools. But far from it. There are still messages on paper in many places the most used information channel, messages are transmitted as in the 19th century.

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