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Adrian Newey makes Formula 1 technology to water –

31st January 2015 – 12:19 clock

Adrian Newey fulfilled a dream: building a sailing yacht for the America’s Cup


( – Red Bull on the way to the Formula 1 season 2015 to cope with not only the departure of Sebastian Vettel. On a technical side had to reposition itself in the winter, to compensate for the “half loss” from top designer Adrian Newey as well as possible. The British technical director of the team from Milton Keynes since mid of 2014 employed at the newly formed division Red Bull Advanced Technologies among others, the boat building.

“I’m ten years at Red Bull. It was to here an interesting journey, “Newey looks back on his time in Formula 1 Team. “When I came to the team because they had virtually just painted a jaguar only in blue. My first task was to build the necessary infrastructure. The idea was that all work together perfectly, so as to have a solid foundation. That’s all 2006, 2007 and happened in the first part of 2008. “

” The rule changes for the 2009 season came to us just right. Since mid-2008, we had together the team that stood infrastructure and all tools were available.’ve Thereof we can benefit the subsequent rule break. In 2009, we were able to get our first win, “the engineer, the Red Bull with his sometimes radical technological approaches says should lead to four driver and four manufacturer titles.

Formula 1 technology moves water

“From 2009 to 2013, the rules were reasonably stable. It went almost exclusively to fine-tuning. The collaboration was getting better. The result was winning four world titles. 2014 we had the disadvantage of the drive. It was still a good season, after all, we have three races won, “says Newey. Last year, Red Bull was the superior Mercedes because of the weak Renault Drive hardly stand up.

” Now it is the first year, where it is slightly different than before. I have pulled me something, now also do other things. Formula 1 is not my only focus. This is for me personally as new stimulus point important, but it is also good for the team. The talented technicians in our company can now continue to flourish, “my Newey, who officially remains Technical Director, the daily business but has not delivered to the chief engineer Rob Marshall.

” I will be the first race, will also visit the testing , I get a clear look, give advice and act as an a kind of mentor. I will certainly even earn a few ideas, “promises Newey, the course of the year, however, more and more would like to dedicate his other projects themselves. After all, it’s the British in his new endeavors in fulfillment of a personal dream from the Boat Building.

“We make all other projects. At present, especially the construction of a yacht for the America’s Cup, “he says.” It’s exciting. The America’s Cup is probably off the motor sport the only sport that works with high budget and high technology. Since there are many parallels. The Basics for example in the simulation are the same. The technologies are quite similar, only be applied differently. That to me is a fascinating area “



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