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Car: Zetsche: Technology largely ready for production for self-propelled cars – ABC Online

With a futuristic prototype of an autonomously moving cars (“F015″) Daimler produced at the electronics show CES big headlines. In an interview with dpa explains CEO Dieter Zetsche, where he still sees action in the implementation of the plans

Question:. Mr Zetsche how often you are in a self-driving car go

Answer: Well, the part is already my company car, a self-propelled vehicle, because several of our series models can go completely autonomously at low speed. With the prototypes that are going on, I drive about every quarter

Question:. You realize this already differences from trip to trip

Answer: Yes, it is going much faster than it I could imagine a few years ago

. Q: How long will it take for until we see a car like the F015 regularly on the road

Answer: The key technologies this are already ready for production. We have the sensors. We have the computer capacity. The crosslinking is prior art. What we do not have is the safe autonomous driving in all circumstances – such as rain and snow or at night. In addition, the legal environment with clarification about liability issues missing. This determines the timing even more than the technology

Question:. What does this mean in terms of years

Answer: It can make only reasonable if one goes step by step , We will be sure autonomously at higher speeds on routes such as highways in the next few years go. A car as it stands out on the stand, I see in the next decade on the road

Question:. They had responded to your appearance even those still unregulated ethical issues. Standing before us moments when the car decides who prefers event of an unavoidable accident

Answer: The car does not decide that yourself, but only follows the pre surrounded algorithm. These decisions will have to be taken jointly by the manufacturer and authorities. Today, every day is decided by individual people, whether consciously or unconsciously. Such situations are rare indeed occur unevenly in the future. Maybe 99 avoided 100 accidents – but also for those few cases you have to have this discussion

Question: Will it such a car as the F015 can ever produce economically

.? Answer: The technique for autonomous driving – computer power and sensors – is there the slightest problem. Since the fuel cell and battery are the major cost components. In addition, the infrastructure map services and data centers. But generally speaking, an autonomously moving car is not much more expensive

Question:. In Las Vegas can get the impression that the German carmaker have a head start. Is that true

Answer: Yes, I think that the German manufacturers are beginning. Now it is important that we keep this position

Question:. Were the self-driving cars of Google not only a wake up call for the automotive industry

Answer: We are already in the 90s drove prototypes. Interesting is the extreme attention that has gotten Google, which has also helped us

questions. But had the auto industry is not their prototypes already mothballed

Answer: The things that we work, not always penetrate to the outside. And our assistance systems were driving the logical steps to autonomous

. Question: How is your relationship with the IT industry? Could you build a car without them

Answer: Of course not, we want to, for example, do not produce semiconductor itself. Even with the software, we will work together in a meaningful way. The algorithms, logic, intelligence – that must come from us. Whether Google in this sense becomes a competitor, only time will tell. But that does not determine whether we can cooperate in other areas. We can see a total coalescence of the industry and the auto industry, with new possibilities. That there is a new impetus, can only be good for us, even if new competitors emerge

Question:. But you can also get the impression that the car makers, designed by Google traffic concept only the role of a have PC manufacturer that produces replaceable hardware

Answer: We are the factories in which only the shells are built for Google’s systems? I do not think that corresponds to the vision of Google. I think that Google is crucial to be able to accompany the people around the clock to generate data and to provide you with their services. But be that as it may, we have our own interests. Where we complement each other, we will cooperate – and if we compete, we’ll see who has the better cards. This is relatively simple

Question: However, if the IT companies are not in a better position. The a smart phone and computer build without you – but the car industry no cars without IT companies

Answer: The problem I do not really see: There are various electronics vendors and competition works as always good. And to the car to make it the one rolling smartphone, we need less effort than a cell phone providers to build a car

Question:. What happens to the proceeds of the car manufacturer when the new mobility concepts such as car sharing to spread. ? Then do not sell fewer cars

A: If we look concretely our Carsharing offer car2go, we currently have a balance between people who say, “Now I no longer need my smart” – and those who buy a smart because they have tried it with car2go. But no matter how that goes – the solution that is best for the customer, will always prevail. It would be absurd if we were to build lines of defense to get something as long as possible, what was the business model before. If establish other concepts – then we want a say in it. We’ve got a very definite attitude. Disruptions are nothing new: a hundred years ago, there were many Damplokomotiven-Bauer. And when the electric locomotive came, they were all dead

Question:. We is great danger for the auto industry, as the steam locomotive builders to end

Answer: I believe also most of our colleagues see this and therefore invest in electric locomotives, even if it takes another 10 to 20 years, that one makes money

Question:. This idea when F015 – the car as a lounge – it is not even an attempt to make people your products again tasty as it becomes apparent that they lose interest

Answer: To speak of the general trend away from the car would be wrong – because even now many people in the new markets in Asia can afford a car for the first time. What we want is to provide a living space where you can do what you want

Question:. Does the concept also has something to do with the future competition for vacant time in a self-driving car ‘? / p>

Answer: We want to tell people we give you back the time you spend with it today, cranking on a steering wheel so the car does not go against the curb. Now you can do what you want instead

Question:. But then do not come online services and fill out this time and Heimsen profits also in the car-passenger compartment

? Answer: As long as the people here use our car that is totally okay

PERSONAL:. Dieter Zetsche (61) since January 1, 2006 The Executive Board Chairman of Daimler AG. He is in the United States or under the nickname “Dr. Z. “because he had appeared under that name years ago, self-deprecating in commercials for the former joint venture Daimler Chrysler.


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