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New technology for plastics firm – Schkopau Receives Award – Medium German newspaper

Peter coup presents its innovation, the machine DCIM.

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A native of Nuremberg Peter coup invents in his plastics firm, a new technology that saves money and energy. Instead, he has recently received a coveted Hugo Junkers Innovation Award of Saxony-Anhalt.

Schkopau .

In life, but also in research new ideas are usually only if previous ideas are reconsidered . This also happened to Peter coup, the Managing Director based in Schkopau plastics firm Exipnos. “For more than twenty years, I now already occupy myself with it, to simplify the production of plastic parts with a so-called injection molding machine,” said the native of Nuremberg.

Normally plastics are melted for the production of a plastic part, mixed to the desired color, durability and hardness and processed into granules. Packed they are then transported to the injection molding machines, where the granules are melted again and pressed into a mold

In coups new process called “Direct Compounding Injection Molding.” – DCIM abbreviated – is a special vessel, a module of the injection molding machine – connected. There, the plastics are melted in a place blended and compressed with the injection moulder directly into a mold, for example, the valve trim in cars


save energy and money

The previously expensive production of granules is simplified with the new technology, energy and transport routes can be saved and reduced production costs by up to 0.50 cents per kilogram of plastic. “In an industry in which some tenths cents per kilogram of plastic is negotiated, the worlds are,” said coup. Another plus is that the modules can be docked as a supplement to every small and large injection molding machine. The module is easy to install and take up little space in a hall.

In Schkopau value-park provides ideal conditions for innovation, coup worked with the company KraussMaffei Technologies – the world’s only manufacturer of injection molding machines – closely on the series development together. “We have developed in cooperation with the idea of ​​testing the prototype and will bring in October, the now award-winning technology to the market,” said Timo Günzel, head of sales and service center.

For its innovative coup was recently awarded a coveted Hugo Junkers Innovation Award of Saxony-Anhalt. “This is a special recognition for me,” Peter told coup. Against more than 170 companies, his technology has prevailed and thus is considered one of today’s most important innovations in the state.

“The procedure is the plastics industry in the years after conviction of many experts lasting change, “said Jörg Hacker, jury member and president Leopoldina. (Mz)


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