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Smart Technology & better networking: The awaits us at CES 2015 – Trends of the Future

From 06 until 09 January, is (almost) everything in the technology industry big names together in Las Vegas. At the world’s largest trade fair for consumer electronics, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the company not only show new developments, but also present ideas and visions for the future.

For the Public inclined, this results in a picture of what you can in the year 2015 and beyond going to expect technological trends. This year already show the announcements of companies some interesting developments.

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LG has the largest booth rented

Three large trends could be here last year observed and this year at the fair play an important role: Wearables , intelligent cars and increased networking the various devices. As always, has the largest state of the mass, the Korean company LG. To fill it with life, the product manager of the Group have announced a number of new products. It is believed that, among other things, a new SmartWatch and a TV are presented with especially high-resolution image.

Also, many car manufacturers are present

It is also expected details about the partnership between LG and the German automaker Mercedes-Benz will be announced. The Koreans will provide 3D cameras to be used in the self-driving cars of the Stuttgart group. In addition, Mercedes will also present again this year all the major car companies at the fair. The focus should help the driver assistive technologies available. This will then be installed later in autonomous vehicles. Conversely, Google will present its latest developments in the field of automated driving.

Enhanced Networking will play a decisive role in the automotive sector. The two control systems CarPlay and Android car should it be presented as well as the intelligent networking between individual cars. Even non-traffic places the central control of various elements reinforced in the spotlight. This is likely to become increasingly important in the future, not only because more and more classic devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks) should be provided with an Internet connection and therefore can be smart, but also provides lamps, cars, robots and more. Also wearables such as smartwatches or fitness bracelets always find more widespread and can be networked with other devices.

Fashion brands present intelligent textiles

In addition to LG, Alcatel has also announced a new SmartWatch. The much-anticipated Apple Watch will also be a major topic at this year’s CES. Apple itself, however, has not rented a booth yet announced a presentation. This, however, many of the world’s largest fashion and sportswear brands at the show are present. They will present intelligent textiles, collect the data and can be networked with mobile devices. Even health applications based on the use of intelligent wearables and analysis of data find increasingly popular, in 2015 to play an important role at CES.

 jacket Navi

Networked Clothing: fashion with integrated navigation system

What’s New TV ensure an even sharper image

Rather quiet, but is likely in the field of smart phones go. Most manufacturers are indeed present at the show, however, are still in their early product cycles. Large developments are therefore not expected in this area. The situation is different in the field of television. There, the company have devices with 8k resolution developed. The pixel intensity will be up to 7680 times 4320 pixels be and thus create an even sharper image. The fact that the TV of course also have an internet connection and can be networked with other devices in this range is already standard.

105-inch UHD Curved -TV LG 105UB9 (Photo: LG)

105-inch Curved UHD TV LG 105UB9 (Photo: LG)

Besides these obvious trends has traditionally CES also has its own dynamics. Some companies manage to surprise the experts with novelties. Other new developments prove to spot as favorite of the media, although they received little attention before. Partial disappoint in advance hyped products but also the expectations of the public. It remains to be seen what this year in Las Vegas is actually doing and what trends can establish themselves permanently

Source:. The Verge


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