Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Toyota wasted fuel cell patents – Spiegel Online

Las Vegas – The Japanese carmaker Toyota releases thousands of patents for fuel cell technology, thereby promoting the development of this new drive technology. The offer should probably apply to the introduction of the first fuel cell time series model of Toyota Mirai end of 2020, said Bob Carter, group manager on the technology CES in Las Vegas on Monday.

5680 patents, including about 1970 inventions on fuel cells and hydrogen tanks to 290, thus making them available free of charge, Toyota said on Tuesday. The 170 patents for refilling even wants to release free unlimited use of Toyota. This Toyota wanted to “go a step further, encourage the use of fuel cell cars and actively contribute to a hydrogen-based society,” said Carter.

While other automakers in Las Vegas an emphasis placed on self-propelled and connected cars limited, Toyota brief CES presentation almost exclusively on the fuel cell car. It will come this year on the market. You’ll probably build in 2015 only 700 Mirai vehicles, Carter said. In the next decade, there will be tens of thousands annually.

Toyota has been working for 20 years on fuel cell technology and took it to invest heavily in purchasing. In the rest of the industry is the technique that is converted to the hydrogen into electricity, mostly seen skeptical. Mercedes Although for many years engaged in the technology, but the already much-heralded series production was postponed. Currently, there is, you’ll be so far in conjunction with Ford and Renault-Nissan in 2017.

It is not an isolated case that a company can use its patents freely to enter a market a boost. Walked a similar path, for example, the electric car manufacturer Tesla. What at first glance, a generous gesture, has calculus. For although both electric and fuel cell cars are considered to be progressive, but are hardly ever find out, according to experts from the niche. By releasing patents is at least a chance that other manufacturers turn on the technology and costs – such as build the necessary infrastructure -. Can share

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