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CES 2015: LG Wide Color – a term of two technologies – Invidis – Digital Signage Portal

– In addition to OLED LG has now opted for two new technologies that are now for the first time used in TVs and displays: Quantum Dots and phosphorus-based LEDs. QDs and new LEDs are marketed under the name Color Prime. Thomas Kletschke

Front right: Ultra HD TV 65UF9500 with Wide Color technology (Photo: LG)

Front right in the picture : Wide Color Ultra HD TV 65UF9500 (Photo: LG)

How is the new UHD TV work? – LG is one of the manufacturers that are now showing at least three possible ways should ausschauen “the right Ultra HD pictures”: An OLED with the blackest black level, a candy-colored screen with quantum dots or Wide Color LED-backlit models, the optically somewhere between clear and bright OLED QDs.

While large manufacturers offer some of their Ultra or Full HD TVs with quantum dots since at least 2013, LG had set so far mainly on the OLED technology that does not require backlighting , Beginning of last year gave the Koreans then gas and launchten first Ultra HD TVs OLED-based. The technology has its advantages, organic light coming from but without backlighting. However, OLED is still expensive in production technology

The LG has recognized – and decided in the course of 2014 for a multi-pronged strategy. It does not offer more than one way in to the ultra-high-resolution images present only in the resolution, but in color, contrast and brilliance. Depending on the application or customer preference each technology has its advantages

However, -. At least currently – the name of the consumer TV flagships not clear-cut. This is somewhat reminiscent of the communication, as we know from other manufacturers. For example, Sony has its Quantum Dot-Triluminos TVs usually prefer referred to as display with color IQ.

Recently, surges LG a number of its TVs, displays and monitors the term Color Prime . For behind the term used internationally by the company hides not one, but two technologies: there are Color Prime displays (or TVs or monitors) in which Quantum Dots for use come, bring a 30% larger color gamut. The quantum dots, the LG currently used in its TVs, submitted by Dow Chemical. Dow turn holds the exclusive worldwide distribution rights of this cadmium-free QDs.

At the same time be under Color Prime but also Wide Color Gamut (WCG) displays (for example, with 99% Adobe RGB coverage) marketed in which according to LG specifically LEDs phosphorus-based can be used. These bring – to put it bluntly – a little more color to the IPS or AH-IPS panel, but not the full color broadside. The special backlighting LEDs they are to guarantee next to colorful and very nuanced depictions.


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