Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Internet – NFC wireless technology is taking off – Sü

Direct from the dpa news channel

Las Vegas (AP) – First was the short-range radio technology NFC as a great hope, then a threatening flop. With the decision by Apple last year to use NFC in its iPhone payment system, the technology, however, is on the winning track.

After the introduction of Apple as operator of the second major smartphone platform in the NFC radio technology from the iPhone with its spread applications of the technology. As announced at the CES technology fair (January 6 to 9) in Las Vegas BMW and MasterCard that credit cards with NFC can be used as a key for the car-sharing service DriveNow future. With NFC (Near Field Communication) data is transmitted without contact to a few centimeters away.

Other vendors demonstrated how NFC chips in the smartphone can be used as a key for hotel rooms or rental cars. Toshiba announced a SD memory card with NFC radio. LG brought a new computer clock with NFC, which was used on the Audi stand. The startup VivaLnk showed a thermometer patch for children, which transmits the temperature via NFC.

“The application possibilities are now slowed only by the imagination of developers,” said the head of the leading NFC chip developer NXP the Deutsche Presse-Agentur in Las Vegas. The company even demonstrated in Las Vegas, like a clock with NFC can be used when paying at the checkout. NXP but will always play a neutral role as a technology provider, “We want the Switzerland of the NFC ecosystem to be.”

When it did not make the technology at the first attempt in the market, one is at NXP been very frustrated, Clemmer said. “We had the technology ready – and six, seven years no one came.” When he came to the company six years ago, was considered to abandon NFC.


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