Friday, January 9, 2015

Technology and Design: Action against “Beats”: Are Dr. Dre’s iconic headphones only … – ABC Online

The former partner company Monster LLC has sued the company founded by rap icon Dr. Dre and producer Jimmy Iovine for fraudulent misrepresentation.

Monster goes to court

As seen in the Tuesday stating the documents submitted to the competent court in California, accuses Monster Dre and Iovine to have stolen the technology and the design and the distribution network behind the familiar beats headphones.

Since May, the company Apple is one

Monster Noel Lee-chief claimed to have been deceived by the beats-makers and thereby have lost millions. Apple had bought beats in May 2014 over three billion dollars (2.5 billion euros).

Lee accused Dre and Iovine, previously pushed him through a fraudulent deal with the Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC from the company have to. Apple is not listed in the lawsuit under the accused. The companies were not immediately be reached for comment

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