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Recreation in San Francisco? Spelling, please

With the leisure and San Francisco, it is indeed such a thing. Everywhere she screams a formal face. At Ocean Beach in the west, in the surf beaches in the south of the Golden Gate Bridge in the north or in the more outlying ski resorts in the East. But hardly anyone will benefit from all this

At least not the ones here -. Start a startup and the world want to make a little bit better – the land of plenty of technology. Florian Leibert and Tobias Knaup are two of this variety. When asked about her hobbies she can a resigned laugh then also not resist: “free time? How do you spell that? Spelling Bee ‘time! “

Mesosphere-Gr & # xFC; Direction Florian Leibert and Tobias Knaup (left). (Photo: t3n)
Mesosphere-founder Florian Leibert and Tobias Knaup. (Photo: t3n)

Leibert and Knaup – both in our early 30 – known each other since the fifth grade, wear a collared shirt, chinos and casual, this sneaker and a tousled hairstyle. A little do they look like two students in the first semester. Unlike quite a few of their craft but they have a real plan. And no time. This is due to mainly to account balance, 48.8 million US dollars. So much loot as much confidence, yes: How much responsibility have slipped them investors, specifically Mesosphere – the startup that founded the two Schweinfurt in the SoMa district between motorcycle workshop and highway access. At the front of the investors squad with it. Marc Andreessen

Mesosphere: An operating system for data centers

When Marc Andreessen, Netscape inventor and early investments in Twitter, Reddit or Slack for technological measure became venture capital Primus about his fund invests in a startup with German roots, the hopes behind it can hardly be built on sand. Mesosphere ie: the next big thing in Silicon Valley

If you believe Leibert, the matter is clear: “This is truly revolutionary,” he adds, referring the product to which it, Knaup and 40 -köpfiges team work in a three-story, with gray carpet and Ikea shelves rather spartan office. But here is the heart of Mesophere, a kind of operating system for the cloud era. Mesosphere, so say Leibert and Knaup, change the way work such as data centers, radically.

So far, dealing with them is particularly inefficient, labor-intensive, expensive. “If we take as an example a bank, it uses hundreds of servers with many applications running on it to find out about what people should lend them more money,” said Knaup. Since there is a department of the IT infrastructure, a further for the customer portal, for the analysis and so on. “Each of them takes different server capacity and also decides manually, what kind of software when which server to run.” A form of fragmentation that could lead especially in fast-growing Internet services in chaos.

64 percent less server costs at HubSpot

“With the Mesosphere everything works completely automatically,” promises Knaup. How Windows coordinates the cores of the processor and the memory, the software Leibert and Knaup to the server without system administrators would break up over his head cares. In real time checks Mesosphere how much processor load and how much memory a server just claimed. This simplifies the fast, but often prone scaling considerably.

“Nobody has to get up in the middle of the night and press the reset button more. “

If a server of a company that automatically distributes the Mesosphere working away on programs and resources to other computing devices. “A great thing” is, Knaup: “No need to get up in the middle of the night and press the reset button anymore.” As a result, companies can use the Mesosphere, use less server for both higher utilization. This is expressed above all the costs. The US marketing company HubSpot, for example, was able to reduce the cost of his rented from Amazon servers by 64 percent. By the will of Leibert and Knaup supposed to inspire others, “Any company with more than one server can benefit from it.”

Without Business Plan to Marc Andreessen

A sentence that must have sounded in the ears of the prominent financiers like music. Fuel Capital, SV Angel, Kleiner Perkins and Andreessen not least – they all have wagered millions on the idea of ​​the two Germans. At this height, this is even for Silicon Valley ratios unusual, considering that Leibert and Knaup have advertised with no real business plan in hand to the financial interests of the donors: “We had nothing but an open-source technology and the idea a company to build around it, “says Leibert.

” We had nothing but an open-source technology and the idea of ​​a Company to build around it. “

That you could still reap almost 50 million, primarily due was her vita. Leibert and early Knaup find the path to independence. Their first business they do with disks that they purchase low to mid-90 computer fairs and profitably resell. At 15, she founded her first company. “A bit of website programming, a bit of design, a bit of e-commerce.”

After studying both meet in San Francisco again. Knaup works with Airbnb, Leibert at Twitter. There is created six years ago, the idea for their startup must look as Leibert for a solution to the stricken frequent server downtime short message service. He finds her in the thesis of a friend, the well-known under the name Apache Mesos, freely available and tested by a community constantly improved software after a lecture at Twitter. With success: Twitter the server problem gets to grips goes public later

From the outside rather unimpressive, arises here – the headquarters of Mesosphere – the operating system for the cloud era. (Photo: t3n)

“In Germany, the framework is missing” use the latest, as Leibert and Knaup the system even with Airbnb, they recognize the potential your own business to make of it. The experience and contacts to help them to come to investors who invest not only in heads instead of finished products, but also in the future. It is this Marc Andreessen have the mood: “He understood the complex system immediately and showed us what we could so do everything in the future”, she Leibert

The business model will Mesosphere in the future to open. -source technology herumbauen. On the one hand such services as the establishment and maintenance of the software. On the other hand, with paid plug-ins that help manage large server farms or with the help of the utilization can be optimized. Meanwhile include not only Twitter and Airbnb companies such as eBay and Netflix’s customers Mesosphere. To approximately 100,000 servers, the software should be already installed.

Leibert and Knaup leave little doubt that this success has been possible only in Silicon Valley. Not only is the lack of a business plan showing how large the mentality vagina – eg regarding the risk-taking – are compared to Germany. Opening a bank account, registering an LLC – “In Germany, too complicated,” says Knaup. “Here, you do it all online, send after a few e-mails and can start immediately.” In addition, we have in San Francisco after a few days the first employees can solicit. Here, the more month notice periods would have prevented. “The bottom line in Germany simply lack the right conditions.”

Mesosphere definitely want to Linux server

Nevertheless, the startup plans with Germany, builds a second office in Hamburg on. Good talent at the same time less competition, they say. With the millions in the back wants to drive growth. In the coming months will be 120 to make the operating system for data centers suitable for mass production of the 40 employees. Leibert and Knaup know where they want to go. “In five years, our software runs on any Linux server in the world,” they say. About a sale of the startups they do not think even then. “Our software is incredibly useful to work with the team is fun and we look forward to on Sunday already on Tuesday.” Sounds as if with more free time in San Francisco as soon not to be expected.

t3n in Silicon Valley

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