Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Fraunhofer ESK researchers offer a white paper on home gateways in future networks – the impact of SDN and NFV on the safety of

This white paper shows the new opportunities (. Software Defined Networks) and SDN (Function Network Virtualization) NFV on, especially with regard to their impact on home gateways.

Making the technological changes SDN and NFV before any network component content. Affected not only the components in the core of the public network, but also the interconnectivity between the providers and the customers, especially the home gateway. Through the implementation of SDN and NFV the configuration and security management can be simplified and thus reduced operating and maintenance costs. Thus, for example, providers easier to perform updates at home gateways. In addition, new features are quickly available.

The key from the Home Gateway change is the shift of the boundary between public and private sector. In extreme cases, the Home Gateway is a pure bridge between providers and home network without its own intelligence. The altered distribution of the functions in the Home Gateway also means that more and more data is shifted from the home network in the provider cloud leads.

“We are confident that with all the benefits of new technologies, some, particularly security-related features of Home should not virtualized gateway and moved to the public cloud, but held in a private setting and realized, “notes Mathias Leibiger, Group Manager Access & amp; Inhouse Networks clear at the Fraunhofer ESK. “In our white paper, we show why the opportunities and the risks associated with the introduction of SDN and NFV regarding home gateways.”

The white paper is available on the website of the Fraunhofer ESK.

(Source: Fraunhofer ESK)

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