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Wiesbaden – Sophos builds with equal several new releases his position as an innovator in advanced network protection further. The focus is the recently launched new UTM Version 9.4, with the Sophos introduced Sandstorm technology. This feature also small and medium enterprises have the opportunity sandboxing introduce enterprise-class and thereby to utilize inexpensive Advanced Threat Protection. . In addition, the new update includes some of the most demanded features: new WAF and VPN services and support to new hardware options for RED and AP

Nowadays attack Hacker as many targets as never before – and go always sophisticated before. Continuously re-altered malware is extremely elusive and performs conventional anti-malware programs as the first line of defense to its limits. However, most next-generation sandboxing solutions prove to be far too complex and too expensive to be considered by small and medium enterprises can seriously consider. This is where Sophos to Sandstorm: the simple subscription option provides a cloud-based sandbox solution guarantees the protection against targeted attacks and also the visibility and analysis of such malware attacks enormously facilitated

In order to increase about the performance. and connectivity, to optimize field offices connection or extension of the offer to beginners level provides UTM 9.4 also several new features at the firmware level, such as new WAF and VPN services, and also allows the use of different, new hardware options for RED and AP.

Source: TC Communications / Sophos

Source: TC Communications / Sophos

UTM 9.4 – the new features at a glance:

  • Sophos Sandstorm technology as cloud-based sandbox solution

firmware :

  • WAF Persistent session cookies facilitate the use of data protected by the Sophos UTM business applications, servers can be avoided in the repeated logins with changing backend
  • . the newly introduced Sophos transparent authentication Suite (STAS) provides a reliable and transparent SSO authentication for network users without a client is required for Endpoint.
  • support for IPv6 SSL VPN now enables IPv6 VPN connectivity with Sophos UTM


  • the SG 85 (w) extends the SG-Series appliances for price-sensitive negotiations and is both with integrated WLAN or without available.
  • the 4x10G SFP + Flexi-port modules for models of 1U SG Series enable a much more flexible connectivity and performance with Four-port support for various optical and electrical transceiver
  • optimization for branch offices connection and WLAN deployment. the RED 15w delivers wireless functionality (802.11n 2 × 2: 2 MIMO). for the newest member of the RED-family
  • By AP 15c (300Mbps 802.11n) comes another access point on entry level for ceiling installation in the program; including support for the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency band

Source:. TC Communications / Sophos


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