Thursday, April 21, 2016

Logitech threatened class action – financial and economic

The manufacturers of computer accessories threatened because of his mistakes in accounting 2011, a class action in the United States.

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(AWP) Logitech ( LOGN 15.2 – 4.1% ) threatened because his mistakes in accounting in 2011 a class action in the United States. The law firm “Rose Law Firm” is preparing a class action lawsuit by investors for any loss suffered thereby, as it is stated in an announcement of the New York lawyers of Thursday. Shareholders who have purchased 2014 shares of the company from 27th May 2011 to November 14, could join a possible appeal.

Logitech had one in the United States due to errors in accounting for the financial year 2011 make payment. The company and the SEC agreed on Tuesday to a fine of $ 7.5 million. Against two former managers were indicted in the same context.

The electronics and computer accessories Group and the former managers were alleged to have beautified the operating profit of the company in 2011 by the disappointing performance of the set-top box “Revue” had concealed. The auditors of the company had been cheated in the balance statements.

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