Saturday, April 9, 2016

Warning of expansion of lines with vectoring technology – THE WORLD

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – Baden-Württemberg Consumer Protection Minister Alexander Bonde (Green) warns in a letter to the European Commission before the expansion of outdated Internet connections with the controversial Vectoring technology. “With a lot of money old copper lines to be once again upgraded, rather than reliance on forward-fiber networks,” the minister said on Saturday. “Copper prevents fiberglass -. This decision so that ultimately harms also the business location Germany”

The plan of Telekom, for approximately six million households faster Internet on the basis of offer traditional copper lines, had recently triggered fierce debate. The Federal Network Agency announced it on Thursday ahead. But Brussels has the last word. Therefore, he had turned with a letter to the EU Commission, Bonde said.

“By Vectoring Telekom will upgrade outdated copper lines again, although will have this technology obsolete soon, “warned Bonde. “This involves both the risk of a digital divide as well as a re-monopolisation of the network.” Telekom competitors complain that the fiber-optic expansion in the areas concerned, the economic basis will be withdrawn.

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