Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nokia buys networking specialist Withings – Ludwig Kreiszeitung

Espoo / Paris (dpa) – Nokia wants more enter into business with consumers again with the purchase of Withings. The French company which manufactures, among other body scales, clocks, thermometers, and security cameras with wireless connection is rated at 170 million euros.


The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter. Photo: Sanjeev Gupta


The acquisition should be completed by the third quarter, the companies announced. As part of Nokia you’ll be able to reach more customers, said the co-founder and CEO of Withings, Cédric Hutchings.

The company founded in 2008, is a pioneer in the business with devices that collect health data and using Apps be evaluated. On the scale followed a sphygmomanometer and a camera that can also measure air quality.

With the clock Activité that looks like a classic timepiece, but may use sensors, among other steps, sat Withings a trend. Meanwhile, also set several Swiss watch manufacturers on the principle. Recently introduced in January Withings an infrared thermometer before.

In the market plunge, many providers, while consumers are still hesitant. Withings has with its range of products one of the more rounded deals in the business. This is important because the devices often work only with their own apps the seller together. At the same time Apple and Google are trying to facilitate with overarching platforms communication between devices from different manufacturers.

It is not the first time that an emerging Smart Home specialist will be taken up by an established group. Samsung bought in the summer of 2014 the Heimvernetzer Smart Things and integrated the technology into their products. Google bought two years ago for around three billion dollars the company Nest, which competes with Withings also use a security camera.

Nokia focused after the sale of the mobile phone business to Microsoft on the equipment of telecom networks as its core business. Under the Nokia name but a tablet has also been sold. CEO Rajeev Suri did not rule out that it could be re-Nokia phones after the naming rights of Microsoft. However, the Finnish company will not be a complete mobile phone manufacturers more: The device could be developed at Nokia and built under license by another company, it was



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