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Chinese buy technology Regensburger – Mittelbayerische



 A start-up company from the BioPark has developed a new cardiac surgical method. In Germany it was too little capital.
By Christine Hochreiter, MZ


Regensburg “money for new cardiac surgical method wanted” – with this headline our media company reported in December 2013, the Transcatheter Technologies GmbH , Dr. Wolfgang Götz, Managing Director of Regensburger start-up company, described at the time how difficult his young company is doing in raising capital. Investors with a long breath were scarce, complained of physicians. With his company, the heart surgeon wanted to promote a novel catheter-based technique that comes with aortic stenosis (narrowing) of the heart used. It is to avoid the risk of open heart surgery especially in the frequently affected older patients.

 With his engineering partner Hou-Sen Lim Götz had first developed a prototype. The capital came from the Hightech Gründerfonds of the Federal Ministry of Economics, of Bayern Kapital and KfW. The young company was also supported by private investors, who were inspired for innovation. When collecting capital of Regensburg came but quickly reach their limits. His experience: “Venture capital is in this country to acquire rare and difficult. It is called in such a way, but a risk going into very few venture capital companies. You want to prefer to see the same sales flow. “Initiated

Active Contacts

In September 2013, three people were in South America for the first time operated with the new method. Götz yesterday for MZ: “The patient still living today very well with our heart valve.” Up to product maturity and the market authorization was, however, you still a large study in Europe with 60 patients needed. Götz had it estimated around 20 million euros and sought global investors who have a longer breath of “two and a half years”.

When this failed, the management decided mid-2015 for sale technology. Götz: “We have actively initiated contacts and sought bids.” Earlier this year, it finally came to a bidding contest between an American and Chinese companies, in which Venus Medtech from the People’s Republic was awarded the contract. According Götz offering the Chinese was financially attractive. wants to height and medicine entrepreneur may not manifest themselves.

The company is resolved

The novel catheter-based method is used for aortic stenosis (narrowing) of the heart used. Photo: Network Nordbayern

According to the press release is Venus Medtech in the People’s Republic is a leading heart valve developer. Based on the technology of Transcatheter Technologies will develop a product portfolio of next generation for the Chinese and international market and promote Venus Medtech (HangZhou). “Venus Medtech will significantly expand its presence as a provider of heart valve products on the world market through the acquisition of heart valve technologies of the next generation of Transcatheter Technologies”, Eric Zi, Director of Venus Medtech is quoted.

“Transcatheter Technologies was founded with the goal of making the non-invasive heart valve implantation safer, so that more patients can benefit from the procedure. The contract with Venus Medtech helps us continue this mission. He will also promote the further development of our technology platform of the next generation for the treatment of different structural heart disease in the Chinese market, “said Götz.

According to information, the Management Regulations envisage that Wolfgang Götz and Hou-Sen Lim Venus Medtech will support over a period of up to three months in the transition to the acquired technology and marketing. The company Transcatheter will initially exist even further, but resolved after the distribution of the remaining assets to investors.

Already new plans in mind

The aim of the start-up -Unternehmens it was – as usual – was to develop a technology and then sell. According Götz the company purpose was fulfilled, an innovative method that has been tested in the clinic to market. The innovative medical entrepreneur again, however, has new ideas in my head. He is already thinking about new technologies and the creation of a new company in BioPark after.

The manager of the BioPark Dr. Thomas Diefenthal delighted that another successful product of the BioPark Regensburg can conquer the world market. But he has one wish: “It would be nice if more institutions and private investors could recognize and exploit the opportunities for profitable investment in technologies locally.”

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