Tuesday, April 26, 2016

AMS shares break a – financial and economic


(AWP) The semiconductor manufacturer AMS ( AMS 23.4 – 20:54% ) reported a decline in sales and profits in the first quarter 2016th The acquisition of CMOSIS has the results more heavily than expected by analysts. The outlook is cautiously and the company expects an unchanged volatility in demand.

Revenues decreased compared to the same period by 11% to € 137.2 million, as the company announced after market close on Monday evening , AMS himself had made sales worth between € 131 to 138 million in prospect.

The gross profit margin, including the acquisition-related amortization remained stable at 54%. The EBIT decreased to € 19.7 million from 38.2 million before acquisition-related expenses, a value of 26.0 million (-35%) were recorded. In addition, adjusted for the cost of share-based compensation amounts to operating profit 28.2 million (-38%). Net profit finally fell to 13.6 million from 42.2 million in the start quarter 2015

This expected profit development encompasses effects from current to higher level R & amp;. D costs following the acquisition of CMOSIS, writes AMS.

the figures provided by AMS have analysts’ forecasts slightly exceeded the revenue, but clearly missed on the earnings level.

weak demand in the smartphone market

in the first quarter we have listed attractive results, despite the weak demand in the smartphone and consumer market, which went clearly beyond the typical seasonality, it is noted that. In addition, general seasonal effects and a volatile customer behavior were stated

The Consumer & amp. Communications product lines were the main influencing factors for the business unchanged, it is noted that. The light sensor business had again delivered the largest total sales contribution. The industrial, medical and automotive have achieved positive results thanks to its wide range of products. Pattern delivery of new environmental sensors were launched as planned to industrial customers. The automotive business was in line with expectations developed as AMS.

sales and margin unchanged in the second quarter

As regards the second quarter of 2016, the company slightly changed revenues compared to the first Quartel of € 127-134 million in prospect, including negative currency effects of the dollar-euro exchange rate -. with comparable gross margin

AMS expects unchanged volatility in the demand development and in the behavior of customers and supply chains in the consumer market. Endmarktbezogene and macroeconomic uncertainty would begin in the area spread industrial automation for end markets in China over the consumer market beyond and create a “unfavorable dynamics”, it is noted that.

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