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If the technology makes you want to Fitness –


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fitness apps, pedometer, portable technologies – the sports world has long passed the step into the digital world and leaves you wanting more. Previously only ambitious athletes have written their training – now the smartphone assumes almost automatically

From (ee), 01 April 2016

. sporting goods industry no longer struggling long with chic shoes and functional clothing for the favor of the athlete. Even with technology wants to conquer the world of sports. In addition lure online sports studios with workouts and training schedules in the living room, fitness apps can find access to smartphones and portable instruments for health monitoring can now measure more than just the heartbeat.

Apps runtastic, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health or Shealth and many more: with fitness apps athletes can document their activities, undertake training plans or their weight, their diet and even monitor their sleep. “Humans can thus compare themselves. How much I have done this week? How many times I was running and how much it was in the previous week?” Said Runtastic founder Florian Gschwandtner the app trend. “You can network with peers and share success with others. Men tend indeed to bring in competition factor and trying to compare yourself with others.” Exactly these functions can accept apps.

The hurdle to go to a fitness trainer or to register in the studio, is still high for many. Now you can try it at home, invites an app down, logs in and jumps right. “The coach has been digitized.” Access to sport and physical activity is therefore easier than ever

Wearables:. The sale of so-called wearables, such as bracelets and watches, measure the distances covered or calories and steps count is rising rapidly. Although Fitness Tracker technically not yet fully developed and include the steps and calorie consumption are not always very precise: like sports, they make all

By the way. As a global leader in wearables applies the US- company Fitbit, which last June has gone public. But the competition is greater. The technology giant Apple is advancing into the sports world with his watch. The sports companies themselves to invest in technology. For example, Adidas has an eye on it – that showed the German sports company with the purchase of the Linz app developer Runtastic last year. Also Runtastic has long been not just Apps for sports on offer. Also bracelets and watches and balances are in portfolio

Smart Scales for body analysis. was the conventional bathroom scale yesterday – modern body analysis scales also measure the percentage of body fat, the amount of water and the amount of muscle mass. The measurements are carried out by electrodes that pass a small current through the body. The balance then calculated based on the resistance values.

It is important to weigh yourself always at the same time of day. In addition, one should not immediately after showering on the scale. One hundred percent accuracy of values ​​there is not usually. But: We can see a change, for example, if one changes the diet or operates more sports. And that should be motivation for more

Videos: Anyone in non-real coach or Apps wants to bring action can do so via online videos. About platforms like Youtube today is a variety of sometimes even free training programs. Easy to join in the living room: Yoga, Pilates, weight training, training and more. The coach makes it on the screen before – even makes one’s home with

heart rate monitor:. is a classic and from the training routine is not indispensable: the heart rate monitor including chest strap for heart rate measurement. Not only professionals use pulse watches for targeted training. Even beginners can use the monitoring her pulse run their training better and check whether they work out in the appropriate area of ​​the heart rate. Thus, even an overtaxing be avoided.


173 million Wearables: from 29 million units in 2014 to around 76 million in the previous year has increased sales of fitness bracelets and similar products. According to market research firm IDC could 2019 then world more than 173 million are deducted.

EUR 15.1 million noisy the “Digital Market Outlook” of statistics Portals statista implemented in 2016 in the segment “fitness” in Austria. This segment, portable, networked fitness equipment and digital fitness and nutrition applications for the smartphone and / or tablet. According to the forecast a market volume of EUR 27.5 million will be achieved in 2020.

600,000 users of wearables and apps, there are currently in Austria. The largest group of them (200,000) are persons between 25 and 34 years old. The second largest group is that of the 16- to 24-year-old.


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