Thursday, April 21, 2016

Disinfection with light: New technology makes clothes sanitized – Tiroler Tageszeitung Online

Graz / Villach (APA) – In clean rooms, the air must be sterile: No Mote and certainly no biological contamination from outside can get in. The man is in such a specific production environments the biggest risk factor – also because he can bring germs with his clothes. now at TU Graz disinfection technology for garments has been developed by means of light

In many industries highest level of cleanliness is an important quality -. because it is not enough to disinfect hands or brush neatly with feather dusters and rags. For these purposes, so-called clean rooms are designed so that the number of airborne particles are introduced into the space or created there, is as low as possible.

Each new entry in such a space, however, requires a change of clothes , This can be cumbersome for those involved. Experts Graz University of Technology and the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE) are considering how could ease this situation. They have found a solution, which has been reflected aloud release TU Graz already in several patents and prices.

The underlying technology of the invention is called “Photodynamic disinfection certified Technology” (PDCT), as Gabriele Berg described by the Institute for environmental biotechnology at the TU Graz. “We use the photodynamic effect, allowing a dye to respond to specific wavelengths of light. In this reaction, a highly reactive oxygen, which in turn reacts with unwanted germs and prevents their growth forms. “

In dentistry, the process comes as so-called antibacterial photodynamic therapy used recently, this method of disinfection is also specifically colored clothes possible. The team led by Berg has developed with colleagues from two other TU institutes and the RCPE this particular anti-germ technology for the special requirements of a business partner from the cleanroom industry from Villach, which now holds the patent. Developed a process which frees the clothes of people in sensitive areas such as intensive care units of germs and particles.

The jointly developed technology was awarded a special prize in the framework of the State Prize for Innovation 2016 (ECONOVIUS) and the Carinthian innovation prize. Now, the research team was also nominated for the Houskapreis.

(SERVIC E A short clip of the award-winning disinfection technology for garments can be found online at )


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