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The digital revolution is no longer just a buzzword. She has finally … – SME News

The digital revolution is no longer just a buzzword. She has collected definitively the communication and marketing processes in companies. All brands are now running digitally. But a recent study by McKinsey found that 90 percent of surveyed on behalf of Markenverband company are not satisfied with their digital brand management. The background is: online and offline, digital and analog are not linked enough

Source: Ambient Innovation UAB

source: Ambient innovation: GmbH

A common example of what this sounds probably known:

Meanwhile there are almost all product pictures, corporate videos and catalogs in digital form. However, when it comes to how the contents eg be used intelligently digitally at fairs, shows the reality is that only a fraction, an estimated 30 percent of the digital content is also used . at the booth might be presented on video screens, digital catalogs come but rarely used because it is habitually prefer resorted back to the printed copies
another example of the non-existent links between online and offline. business cards are progressive scan via app, but the accompanying exhibition questionnaire will be filled out on paper and card additionally stapled.

Source: Ambient Innovation UAB

source: Ambient innovation: GmbH

A huge potential remains untapped so. But why is it?

One of the reasons that the pace of innovation of IT technology and the resulting increasingly sophisticated apps, software programs and hardware devices overwhelmed most companies. On one hand, lacks the appropriate personnel with the digital skills and organizational layers complicate a quick decision for a useful program. This raises the question of how the trade fair can be digitized so that employees and customers are inspired by a simple, digital application, save time and gain valuable competitive advantage.

Modern solutions should be so intuitive to use that employees can use the solution in their professional life directly after a short briefing and without complicated training. aimed, for example, the solution exponito. With exponito it is possible via an app to present digital content on iPads and displays and to simultaneously capture digital at fairs or events new contacts. exponito accompanies marketing and sales staff mobile and digital where the most important conversations take place: at the fair, with sales calls, customer visits or annual meetings. The possibilities are manifold

Five examples of how you as a company simply, anywhere digital position itself

  1. Products & amp..; Catalogs digitally present
    The digital catalogs in the iPad app support the classic presentation, because you can link them to the individual product photos, as well as information on advertising and availability.
  2. Movies transferred situationally on screens
    the center of customer call, the brand experience is. It makes a big difference whether you whether image films and product videos to download them on the laptop or be shown with a touch on the iPad and transfer from there with a touch directly on the screen.
  3. Content on the displays via remote Update
    content to visualize is a very powerful tool, since an average of 65% of all people who learn visually best. To visualize content on display, there are smarter ways as USB sticks or the display connected laptops. If strategically planned in advance, when, where and what videos are played targeted relevant, it is possible at any time to control with innovative software on-the-go content. This technique is called digital signage to German: digital signage, and is, for example, ideal for conferences, trade fairs, point-of-sale
  4. contacts and content of the exhibition questionnaires digitally capture
    Sustainable sales approach will fortunately held still in a personal conversation.
    will the new leads directly recovered along with the customer information and interests focus on the iPad captured digitally, saving valuable time in the follow-up.
  5. Personalized information nor from the point-of-sale of ship
    the sending of segmented information increases sales significantly. If the sending of this information without loss of time nor directly from the point-of-sale, which increases the identification with the brand

The app exponito ( -. Pitch perfect was developed by Ambient innovation: GmbH, an independent agency for iT, web and app development from the heart of Cologne, to make it easy to make especially medium-sized companies than ever to position digital



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