Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Apple presents acidic figures – financial and economic

The IT giant reported first time in thirteen years a decline in sales. Debt is the slump in iPhone business. The shares suffered hefty losses.

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The misery in the technology sector continues. Following last week already the industry heavyweights Microsoft ( MSFT 51.44 – 1.29% ) have and Google disappointed with the quarterly results, also awaits Apple ( AAPL 104.35 – 0.69 % ) with a poor result on. Particularly weak fall sales for iPhone, which are the first decline in the Group’s history.

“In view of the very difficult economic environment, our team has worked extremely well,” to CEO Tim Cook can quote in the press release though. However, on Wall Street the verdict turns out harshly. The shares Apple slumped more than 8% on Tuesday evening after the result publication in after hours trading. This corresponds to a destruction of the market value by more than 46 billion $

from the iPhone

Apple has increasingly developed. Depending to a mobile phone manufacturers. The iPhone comes now on for 65% of revenue. The harder strikes by the slump in the mobile market: Compared to the same period of the iPhone sales shrank by 16% to almost 51 million units. This is a novelty, but Apple has reported since the introduction of smart phones in 2007 steadily increased sales.

According to negative to reflect a decline in the performance record noticeable. Group revenues 13% dropped to $ 50.6 billion, and net income decreased 22% to $ or $ 1.90 per share 10.5 billion. Both benchmarks miss expectations. Analysts had expected in advance with almost $ 52 billion in revenue and $ 2 profit per share.

Check in China

By Region fiscal bonded in place specifically in China. In the second most important for Apple market to America, revenues declined by 26%. It also runs the company from Silicon Valley not only in the iPhone business worse. Even when selling iPad tablet and Mac computers, the trend was negative. For Apple Watch, the group makes still no precise information.

The last time Apple had in 2003 to report a drop in sales. Since then, the stock market value of IT giants has multiplied by 5 to $ 580 billion. Much to the price rises, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus had contributed with larger screens and the market entry in China recently. The fact that this success is difficult to surpass, it was clear for some time. Unexpectedly, however, is how much of the course of business has slowed.

View disappointed

Rapid improvement is not in sight. The next-generation iPhone is expected to launch until the autumn, which will initially lack pushing Apple. For the current quarter, the company predicts a turnover of $ 41 to 43 billion. Again, this is a decrease compared to the same period last year (49 billion $ ) and significantly less than the $ 47 billion well, the analysts have previously estimated. The gross margin is expected to move from 37.5 to 38%. On Wall Street, however, was hoping for more than 39%.

No slowdown is emerging, however, as regards the dividends. On the contrary: “We have achieved a strong operating cash flow of $ 11.6 billion in the March quarter and $ 10 billion returned to shareholders,” says Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri. That by 2018 ongoing distribution program will be increased by 50 to $ 250 billion.

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