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Tech that gets under your skin –

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by Oliver Strunk

Annkathrin Gebel from Salzgitter looks still a bit skeptical. She stands behind her boyfriend Christian Maercker who wants to benefit from the “Happy Hour” the company Digiwell at CeBIT in Hannover. In Hall 8 but there is no free beer, but a free chip implant. Maercker is open to new and enthusiastic about technology. He had heard of this free opportunity at the fair and has therefore come specifically to the state. . Even his girlfriend is open to it, but rather waits until while to see how the friend survives the procedure

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passwords and car keys you no longer need in the future perhaps. A chip under the skin opens up new possibilities. At the CeBIT computer fair can test him.

“Am I now a cyborg?”

the chip is protected in a capsule, is about 1.5 centimeters long and is “injected” into the body between the thumb and forefinger. Even if the skin is slightly anesthetized with an ointment, you can feel that. “But take blood is worse,” said Maercker. “So now I’m a Cyborg,” he asks Aamal Graafstra who has set him the chip grade. “Yes, welcome,” replies the implanter, the even for eleven years has a chip in his hand. The entrepreneur from Seattle provides the technology that is constantly evolving for the German company Digiwell. Graafstra opens with its chip not only doors in his home, he starts his motorcycle, the light turns on, identifies itself on the computer.

key for the digital “smart home”

On the CeBIT, the two companies a new generation of chips in front, flexible and compact than previous implants. Graafstra has can also be a few days before implanting a new chip. A prototype. A rather large prototype, his left arm is swollen, the bruise from engaging lights still green-yellowish. That he tried the technology to itself, is understandable, but why would you do that as a normal consumer?

Christian Maercker wants to try the technique, gathers information about locks that he can incorporate into his apartment and can be opened using its new “key”. Meanwhile, already waiting the next customer. Dirk Lehmann from Münster has two magnets in the body, with which he can, for example, feel electrical fields. This week, he can also put an NFC chip. Now he can do at CeBIT the vain. Unlike Maercker he then does not upgrade his apartment. He already lives in a “smart house”, in which many devices are networked. . Now his house he already recognizes the chip in his hand, and not only on his smartphone

No safety concerns?

If the newborn Cyborgs do no fears, security concerns? “Nah, not really,” says Christian Maerker. His chip’ll be yes only read when the reader almost touching the skin, so there could tap its data not on the tram from afar. And his girlfriend? Annkathrin Gebel has but then changed her mind, she has too much respect – not before the technology, but of the pain during surgery

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at CeBIT in Hannover this year will be “biohacking” a big issue be: The Biohacker be voluntarily Cyber ​​Borgs – hybrid of technology and human nature. (02.03.2016) more

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at CeBIT partner country Switzerland, that it has to offer innovative solutions in the field of digitization , Video (2:46 min)

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Angela Merkel and the compulsory program: At CeBIT, the Chancellor made a tired impression was but quick-witted. Video (1:39 min)


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