Friday, March 11, 2016

Auto GM buys robot car startup – Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

San Francisco . The Opel’s parent General Motors wants to accelerate the development of their self-driving cars with the purchase of a startup in San Francisco.

The purchase price for which was founded in 2013 company Cruise Automation should more than be a billion dollars reported the technology blog “Recode” and the magazine “Fortune”, citing informed people on Friday. Official figures this did not exist.

Cruise initially developed retrofit kits that make conventional cars to self-propelled vehicles. The first version for the price of 10 000 dollars with a sensor block for the car roof was meant for Audi models. After that, the company had decided to change the business idea and basically focused on the development of technology for autonomous driving, co-founder and chief Kyle Vogt said the technology blog “The Verge”. nothing was known about the progress.

GM executive Mark Reuss said without providing further details, the purchase procure car giant “a unique technological advantage.” The location of Cruise in San Francisco is to be maintained. According to media reports, the startup had only received 18 million dollars from investors.

The GM competitors Ford also superimposed on Friday the development of new technologies in a new subsidiary Company. In the Ford Smart Mobility business with mobility solutions such as carsharing come, but also the development of self-driving cars.

The carmaker deliver just a competition in the development of self-propelled vehicles , Experts reckon that they should regularly come to the streets 2020.



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