Saturday, March 5, 2016

New Calculator at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Computer superlative – SWR News

The mainframe has cost around 26 million euros. It enables scientists in fields of energy, environment and materials science major arithmetic operations. So climate scientists can simulate accurately with him, for example, the processes in the water cycle from the sea through the atmosphere to the rivers. Material researchers hope to gain insights for the construction of more environmentally friendly engines.

be possible the extensive computer simulations 24,000 cores and 74 terabytes of main memory, which corresponds to approximately 7,000 PCs. specifically a building was constructed for the new supercomputer. With a power consumption of around 500 kilowatts per hour, the waste heat from the computer for heating the same number of buildings used by KIT. The supercomputer was built in just two years and was funded by the federal government and the state of Baden-Württemberg.


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