Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Technology: Two investors encounter strong shares in Apple from – THE WORLD

Photo: AFP / Archives Technology giant Apple

The two US investors Carl Icahn and David Einhorn have significantly reduced their participation in the US technology giant Apple down. The fund Greenlight Capital of Unicorn held the end of December with 6.28 million shares 44 percent less than three months earlier, as on Tuesday (local time) emerged from disposal of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Carl Icahn reduced its stake accordingly by 13 percent and had the end of December still 45.76 million Apple shares.

From the capital of Apple Einhorn still holds so 0 , 1 percent. Icahn comes to 0.8 percent.

The two investors are among the investors of Apple, which had the company criticized in recent years. They accused the technology giant, not to allow its shareholders to participate vigorously enough the company’s success. In response, Apple began to buy up shares in a big way.

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