Sunday, March 13, 2016

CeBIT: Technology that gets under your skin and shy robot – THE WORLD

Hannover – Pepper not wanted: In a preliminary visit to this year’s CeBIT technology fair in Hanover the little robots were directed at him Microphones and cameras reporters just too much.

“He’s shy,” apologized Nicolas Boudot by the company Aldebaran the misfires of his emotionally reacting to environmental stimuli reception robot. 20 000 of them have been sold to date worldwide -. Now they are to keep the guest supervisor on the cruise ships collection, explained Boudot

The robot is only one of the eye at the opening on Monday technology show. CeBIT (March 14 to 18) remains the mega-trend of digitization this year faithful. Whether self-propelled cars or clothes from the 3D printer, as they showed the German Telekom at a wearables fashion show: It enables numerous new opportunities, risks and business models for industry and society

technology can go in literally under the skin. Under the motto “We go deeper” is about the young company Digiwell chips before that can replace about access cards for doors as implants. “At one booth are robots made man, and here people to the robot,” commented a media representative on Sunday the trend.

Such skepticism is understood company representatives Patrick Kramer, however, said: “the man will eventually be part of the Internet – we are already on the way there.” caused a stir in January a Swedish software manager, one radio for a flight from Stockholm to Paris instead of a boarding pass chip held in his palm to the reader.

Kramer, who himself wears as “Cyborg” a chip under the skin, firming the ambivalent feelings on age : “For 15-year-old is the whole as the newest Playstation”. In the 20- to 40-year-olds by contrast, curiosity kept with skepticism the scale. The was loud even when Vodafone booth where the video was presented police with networked BodyCam. The attached to the chest camera shows on a small screen off what it receives and transmits evidential data to the competent authorities.

“We show what is technically feasible and are due to the technical application in talks with their counterparts, “said spokesman Markus Teubner. Mid-year to the new camera to hit the market. “I am relatively sure that we will see in three to five years, some police officers or firefighters so in use,” said Christopher Thomas from Vodafone partner Motorola. And privacy? “Is an important issue,” he admitted, but said: “. The Recorded looks even on the monitor”

The exhibition presents not only excerpts from the rapidly developing new market of possibilities, but also sees itself as a kind of seismograph for the associated societal debate. The function of the show as a platform for discussion gains importance. After all, the networking of humans and machines to all previous studies on radical changes in the industry and society will lead, will break away old business models and make new ones appear.

the trend detected in all areas of life – also in the partner country Switzerland, where the watch industry in the face of so-called Smart Watches is just before a break. With a separate hall there are at CeBIT the drones, which are demonstrated in flight and at a race.

Another focus is again the IT- security that is gaining in importance in view of the recent wave of attacks with blackmail software. “In Germany today there are 2.6 times more such attacks than they were six months ago,” said Stefan Rojacher of the IT security firm Kaspersky. The companies and authorities concerned must often spend enormous sums to save their data. Because cyber attacks on companies, but also public administrations against the background ever increasing data streams to a massive problem.

on the Fair

report to board with NFC chip

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