Monday, March 14, 2016

CeBIT start with visions and worries about the future – Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

Hannover . For CeBIT-Home industry presents digital visions – but the technology fair in Hannover also throws a spotlight on big worries about the future

So the German Mittelstand threatened according to a study a. two-class society in the digitization because small firms in particular difficult. In addition, the change makes the professionals deficiency even more visible. This should be urgently addressed, said the managing director of digital association Bitkom, Bernhard Rohleder. but one study can also digitization even alleviate the problem

CeBIT director Oliver Frese stressed the orientation of the CeBIT trade visitors had been a success. “CeBIT is the world’s premier event for the digitization of the economy and society. ” Also it is the largest exhibition in which it comes to cloud services, in which software and data coming directly from the network.

The CeBIT had a public exhibition in the recent years, declines in the number of visitors and participating companies listed. For last edition still good 200 000. guests arrived. The number of exhibitors remained stable at 3300. Flanked is the exhibition, which runs from Monday to Friday, from a congress program. Among other goals there on Monday EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger a keynote speech on “digital Union” hold.

The focal points this year include new applications for enterprise IT, cloud services, smartphone apps, security software -. according to a study by consulting company EY but also drones, 3D printing and machine learning

At the same time fails every third midsize to stimulate and focus in Germany in an attempt to the trend of digitization. The biggest drag shoes are therefore to small budgets, skills shortages or lack of knowledge in-house.

However, the digitization is not a “job killer” emphasized the consulting firm PwC after an investigation. Through them, the expected shortage of 4.2 million workers in Germany will decrease by 2030 by half. “The public debate about the digitalization of the workplace is largely influenced by fears,” warned the CEO of PwC Germany, Norbert Winkeljohann.

Security is another key CeBIT theme , According to the head of the Dusseldorf encryption company Secusmart it comes to data security managers, as well as state politicians a bad way. “The federal government has reached a very good level of protection, but most top politicians at the country level are largely unprotected in their phone calls,” said co-founder Christoph Erdmann Secusmart the German Press Agency. The sharpened by revelations of Edward Snowden awareness of illegal eavesdropping fade again.

Secusmart supplies federal Hedged smartphones based on devices of Canadian provider BlackBerry, which acquired the Düsseldorf company Has. Soon come Tablets added, where confidential documents can be read.

Messe boss Frese was convinced that there will be events such as CeBIT continue even if they would change. “No medium can replace personal contact,” he said, referring to the rapid development of technology for virtual reality, in which you can immerse yourself with special glasses in digital environments. Especially when it comes to overspending as in corporate IT, it is important to know the potential partners in person.



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